Thicker Than Water

Ollie and Big Jim finally get it on, as the pair are bent on gaining the upper-hand, with Jim trying to hang on to his position of power in Chester’s Mill. The problem is, Ollie wants Jim’s job, for no other reason (that I can see) than to pee him off and then rub his face in it. The walking Swiss Army Knife, Barbie shows some more of his many skills and Junior gets to do his “creepy” routine again. It looks like Master Rennie has been protected by Big Jim over an important family matter, and may also explain why Junior is utterly whacko. I did think we would learn something interesting about the mini-dome Joe and Norrie uncovered but it was merely used as a prop for Julia and Joe in this episode. I’m not the type who expects anything from a movie or TV show, beyond entertainment that is, but Under the Dome is not improving, as we progress through the series, rather, it’s doing the opposite and deteriorating. None of the episodes have been bad, but I couldn’t point to a single one since the pilot, and say any have been better than decent. It just feels rather uneventful, which is crazy for a Stephen King penned show, right?

Jim has words with Junior after he comes to the house looking for Angie, but dad tells him he had no right to kill Dundee. Big Jim also mentions that he is acting like his mother did at the end, which clearly upsets the psycho. Jim also tells Junior “I tell you this though, you’re no son of mine, not anymore.” Norrie is not handling the death of her mom well, and is snapping at Joe, and hiding herself in the bedroom. Angie opens up the cafe again, and when Jim walks in, she asks him why Junior is still hounding her.

Julia is talking to Joe when he mentions something about the mini-dome. She tells Joe he must show her where it is, so the pair set off to its location. When they find it, instead of it being just a dark egg, it has light coming from it. Julia touches it and sees another version of Joe standing there, who says to her “the monarch will be crowned.” Ollie won’t give in to Jim’s request over his crops and well being swapped for propane, and that he and Jim should work together. He tells Big Jim he’ll starve the people out, just to get to him. Jim gets a small group of deputies to help take it by force but the group are surrounded, then one of their numbers is kneecapped for trespassing. To make matters worse, an angry Junior joins with Ollie, and makes him promise not to kill his dad, so he can do it himself.

Angie and Norrie go outside to the Dome wall, carrying a box-full of snow-globes. These were gifts to Angie from Junior, who would pick them up from every country he visited, but Angie decides that she and Norrie should smash them off the Dome, to cheer them up. Barbie has a plan that might solve the problem of Ollie’s well, but Big Jim has gathered a larger group to storm the farm. Linda must try to slow Jim down, so that Barbie can do his thing, but Ollie and co, along with Junior intend to fight whoever comes at them.

Grade: B-

Nav Qateel.

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