The Fourth Hand

I enjoyed this episode more than the last, which wasn’t a particularly strong one anyway, but we appear to be back on track as a new person mysteriously enters the lives of Big Jim and Barbie. (I would have shortened Jim Rennie’s name to BJ but…) It isn’t really that much of a mystery once you know but this new domed player is clearly an interesting character, especially after seeing her in action in the trailer for episode 10 Let The Games Begin. Big Jim and Barbie have lots to hide and Maxine AKA Max (Natalie Zea) knows where the bodies are buried, as it were, so both men need to now be on their guard. She has a plan for Chester’s Mill and means to carry it out, with or without the pair on board, but she’s putting lots of pressure to hopefully gain loyalty. Linda is closing in on the shady dealings of the good reverend and her old boss Sheriff Duke Perkins.

Last time we found out that the monarch was apparently to be crowned (whatever that means) but now we’re looking for the missing mini-dome because when Julia takes Barbie to see it, it’s no longer there. Its been moved. Barbie gets called out to go and help with a “shots fired” call from Linda, and he finds out one neighbor has shot another after firing a warning shot at a junkie. The drugged up guy is high on “rapture,” a new drug created by Lester Coggins, which is uncovered after a search by Linda and Barbie in Lester’s funeral body chop-shop/cooking lab. They find a substantial amount of the drug but more importantly a list of ingredients, which, surprise surprise, lists propane. That answers a few questions I’m sure.

After Linda tells Joe and Norrie about the missing mini-dome, they grab Truman, Joe’s mutt, and get him to try to sniff it out. They start off at the original site, and eventually find it in an unlikely place, put there by an unlikely person. Angie is telling Junior to beat it when she has one of her “the pink stars are falling in lines” fits. He takes her by car to his place but before arriving, she wakes up and fears she’s about to become imprisoned again. Junior has suddenly become a good guy and shows Angie something of interest to them both. His mom used to paint and 9 years earlier, just before she died painted something about what is happening now.

Big Jim has called the Chester’s Mill residence to hand in all guns, in an attempt to keep the peace (sure) and offers extra chow and fuel for doing so. It’s purely sorta almost voluntary and Barbie doesn’t trust him so tags along when Jim goes to try to disarm Ted. His wife was killed when the Dome came down and has an arsenal that would keep the National Guard happy.

Linda is on the prowl now that she knows what to look for, and comes across a huge stash of propane. She also is told by a concerned citizen (nosey neighbor) that Duke knew all about the comings and goings of all the delivery trucks, and also that Julia had been looking into it before the Dome put a stop to it. She sees that there are security cameras, so has a look to see if she can find anything interesting. There is.

Grade: A

Nav Qateel.

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