Get Spy is a blast!

Created and produced by David Beatty, Get Spy is the new hilarious comedy web-series that’s just had its first episode released on the Get Spy YouTube Channel, on 4th March 2015. And, being the kind-hearted souls that we at INFLUX Magazine are, we’ve decided to share episode one with you below.

by Nav Qateel

Get Spy has been described as a cross between TV shows Archer and VEEP, and being a huge fan of Archer, I can attest to the fact that Get Spy has certainly been created in a similar mold. I could so picture a very drunk Sterling Archer kicking ass alongside Peter.

Espionage on a Budget just about describes this fun web-series perfectly, and while they may not have much in the way of finance to throw around, David Beatty and his team have clearly put their heart and soul into this project. This reflects in each performance by the group of dedicated actors, who give it their all with over-the-top aplomb. As well as deliberately whacky acting, the writing in Get Spy kept me well and truly entertained.

We recommend you visit the official Get Spy website here, where you’ll find all the latest episode details and release dates. The website also contains information about the cast and characters. Make sure you check it out!

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