I like the ideas in the film, but the acting and writing are just too broad.

When a Woman’s Fed Up is a frustrating film to watch, as there are quite a few things I appreciate about the film but the negatives unfortunately outweigh the positives.  Hopefully this tiny studio can work out some of the kinks in their future offerings because I do see a definite market for this type of film.

The film begins with a young couple having the wife’s mother come to stay with them.  Unfortunately, this mother is extremely overbearing and a religious hypocrite.  While she spouts Bible verses, her religion is all about hate, gossip and appearances.  So, while Mama is very religious, she is not in the least spiritual.  To make things worse, she constantly bad-mouths her son-in-law and tries to break up the home…yet, oddly, the daughter puts up with this.

When a Woman’s Fed Up
Directed by
J. Horton
Ellia English, La’Princess Jackson, Larry Flash Jenkins
Release Date
6 June 2013
Martin’s Grade: C

Through the course of the film, you really hate Mama—and you have a lot of sympathy for her husband, Leroy (Larry Flash Jenkins plays this supporting character than I really liked). You just want to see the old witch leave the couple in peace and you want her daughter to stand up to her wicked ways.  Unfortunately, eventually you learn that the husband IS cheating on his wife!   And when his wife learns about this as well as how her friends did not tell her, she is feeling hurt and betrayed.  Can this marriage survive?

I really appreciate several things about this movie.  First and foremost, Hollywood rarely talks about infidelity nor do they show its impact on the family.  We need more films that discuss this very serious and common problem.  Second, there are a lot of folks who are looking for nice family-friendly films and this does help fill this niche, though, oddly, there is some minor cursing in the film and I know some folks (like MY mother-in-law) would probably love a nice Christian film…but not one with cursing!  This is really very strange.  It’s also a shame because this sort of film might be great to show to a church group—and they, too, might be uncomfortable with the language.  It could really encourage some great discussions on practical Christian issues.

Unfortunately, while I like the subject matter, the film has some big problems that need to be ironed out in their future productions.  The acting and writing are incredibly broad—so broad that several of the characters are too unrealistic to be believed.  Mama, in particular, is over-written—and they make her too one-dimensional when it comes to being a religious nut.  Tone it down in the future!  Tone it way down.  Because of this, I am giving the film a C-.  This is to indicate that the film is a mixed bag.  Plus, I don’t want to discourage the folks at Afflatus Productions.  They are a relatively small company and have limited experience.  Perhaps over time they can make products that will have a much broader appeal—not broader acting.

Oddly, when I looked at the listing for this film on IMDB, it listed it as a comedy!  This film is NOT a comedy.  And, even odder, the poster shown on this site DOES make it look like a funny film!  By this standard, I might consider Terms of Endearment or Gravity to be comedies as well!

Review by Lead Entertainment Writer and Film Critic, Martin Hafer