The Witcher Season 3 continues powerful storytelling with Cavill’s farewell as the White Wolf

by Ed Blackadder

There have been a lot of mixed reviews on Season 3 of The Witcher. Why are they mixed? I’m not really sure. The show is a near masterful interpretation of both the source literature and the Geralt of the video game series.

This world of immediate social media gratification likely hurts shows like this, just as it did Game of Thrones in the final seasons. GoT rose to popularity along with social media. Early on it was a thrill to share your love of the show, but then it suddenly became the expectation to spew disappointment across platforms.

The Witcher started relatively under the radar, focusing on fans of the games and original stories, but it quickly moved beyond that. I think the original, intended audience sill loves the show, but the critics need something to attack.

And, with Henry Cavill leaving, why not attack The Witcher? And, yes, it is hard to imagine anyone else serving as Geralt. Cavill perfectly represents the Geralt of the source material as well as the games.

With that, The Witcher Season 3 is nothing short of a masterpiece that has raised the bar for fantasy television.

First and foremost, Cavill continues to shine as Geralt. His portrayal is nothing short of legendary, capturing the essence of the character with his charisma, wit, and powerful presence. He seamlessly embodies the White Wolf, delivering lines with gravitas and showcasing the complexities of Geralt’s character, from his moral dilemmas to his unwavering loyalty.

The supporting cast is equally outstanding. Freya Allan as Ciri has truly come into her own, displaying remarkable growth and resilience as her character navigates the tumultuous world of magic and destiny. Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer continues to captivate with her powerful sorcery and emotional depth, making her character an integral part of the series. And let’s not forget about Joey Batey as the lovable bard Jaskier, whose comedic timing and musical talents add a delightful touch to the series.

The action sequences, special effects and practical makeup are top-notch, bringing the monstrous creatures of The Witcher world to life in stunning detail. The production design deserves special praise, as it immerses us in the gritty, medieval-inspired world of the Continent, from the sprawling cities to the eerie forests.

Furthermore, Season 3 explores themes of destiny, family, power, and the consequences of one’s choices in a way that is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant.

The final episode of Season 3 leaves us wanting more of not just The Witcher, but of Cavill’ unique take on its primary character. It will be interesting to see if the show can maintain its presence with Liam Hemsworth in command.

Ed’s Grade: A-