Wolf at the Door Review

by Martin Hafer

Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Coimbra is relatively new to the industry. With three short films to his credit, he’s now come up with a full-length film that is very dark. It will also leave you on edge by the time it’s complete since it’s rather gritty and disturbing … and very realistic.

The film opens on a mother going to her daughter’s daycare and learning that some lady had already picked up her daughter. The mother is panicked as she didn’t send anyone to get the girl. Soon she’s at the police station and the officer investigating isn’t exactly professional in his methods. He thinks there’s more to it — like the family is holding something back. Sure enough, there is. The father was having an affair and his mistress could have something to do with the disappearance.

Wolf at the Door
Directed by
Fernando Coimbra
Thalita Carauta, Juliano Cazarré, Milhem Cortazs
Release Date
25 August 2015
Martin’s Grade: A-

What follows is a long flashback to the mistress’s life and her affair with this horrible man. He’s violent and nasty. The actors did a great job doing some very difficult and extremely emotional and gut-wrenching scenes. I’m not criticizing the film for being tough to watch at times…I actually think Coimbra did a great job in not showing too much or glorifying the violence in the movie. How all this plays into the disappearance of his daughter is just something you’ll need to see for yourself. Be prepared to be shocked and be prepared for a movie that starts off very slowly but which grabs you and pulls you emotionally into the story. In addition to some violence and adult content, the film also has a reasonable amount of nudity. Like the violence, it isn’t gratuitous, it’s much more matter-of-fact.