The Story of INFLUX Magazine

INFLUX Magazine, often stylized as 1NFLUX Magazine, first launched in the year 1997. It was created by publisher Brian Barsuglia. Originally, it was an online e-zine, only publishing periodic reviews and entertainment industry news. Really, it was a blog before there were blogs!

Influx 2001

INFLUX as it looked in print in 2001 with Paul Frank on the cover.

However, in the year 2000, Barsuglia partnered with fellow writer and film critic, Kevin Brent. Together the two created a full-color, freely distributed, glossy entertainment magazine which was distributed in Orange County, Los Angeles County and even into San Diego County.

In its early days, the magazine was known for giving exposure to emerging artists (including Nelly Furtado, the Black Eyed Peas, Paul Frank and others).

By the end of 2002, Barsuglia was working as an editor at another magazine and Brent had taken over publishing duties for INFLUX. And, sometime in 2003, INFLUX Magazine published its final print issue.

For the next few years, INFLUX maintained its presence online and retained only a handful of contributors. By 2006, Brent had moved on and Barsuglia resumed publishing duties.  The magazine experienced a bit of a revival in 2006, which continued for the next few years.

However, in 2013, Barsuglia took on the task of completely rebuilding INFLUX, re-branding its image, and launching it in a powerful new direction.

Since its relaunch in May 2013, INFLUX Magazine writers have contributed thousands of articles, interviewed A-list celebrities, and become a mainstay in entertainment media and the publication is closing in on 5 million unique visitors and its YouTube channel isn't far behind, also nearing the 5 million views mark. Not too bad for a publication made entirely of a volunteer staff!

The 2013 revival owes a thanks to many fantastic contributors and INFLUX Magazine hopes to be a fun and entertaining source of entertainment for years to come.  (updated 01/02/2017)

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 INFLUX Magazine Masthead

Nav Qateel, Publisher/Managing Editor 

Nav Qateel, Managing Editor

Nav Qateel, Managing Editor/Film Criticism/Journalism

As well as working in film distribution for a number of years, plus editing several low-budget documentaries, Nav's been a movie buff for almost thirty-five years, with a background in graphic design and 3D animation. His beautiful teenage daughter Sam, also shares his passion for film. His favorite actors are Robert De Niro, Daniel Day-Lewis and Tilda Swinton. Fave directors are Paul Thomas Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Clint Eastwood and Hayao Miyazaki. He enjoys old school anime and Asian horror, particularly Japanese. Nav's unusual name comes from his award-winning grandfather Qateel Shifai

Find Nav on: Twitter, Facebook & IMDb



Steve Pulaski, Lead Film Critic 

Make way for the dawn of a new era in criticism. It's our honor, Mr. Pulaski.

Steve Pulaski: Lead Film Critic - A new generation of film criticism has arrived.


Steve Pulaski is author of over one-thousand reviews. He got his start on the Internet in May 2008 when he created a Youtube account to upload many of his short films and eventually usher in a fanbase with his Internet-shows, Front Row Steve and Blog on Cam in 2010. In August 2009, he finally created his own website, and later began publishing his own written reviews on film and lengthy blog posts on the film industry, media, pop culture, and politics. Steve is studying journalism and business, and in his journey as a film critic he hopes to usher in an even larger audience.

Check out Steve's website here.

Ed Blackadder, TV Criticism

Rob Rector, Film Critic/Lead Entertainment Writer 

Rob Rector, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Rob Rector, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

A life-long film junkie, Rob Rector began keeping a film journal at the age of 10, writes reviews for his hometown paper, founded a film festival, teaches a college film-studies class, hosts "Bad Movie Nights" at his home, and is still excited every time he gets an excuse to sit in the aisle seats.

His interests run from high-profile releases to the discarded scraps of celluloid from around the globe.

Rob also hosts "Paracinema" here on Influx Magazine.

Bethany Rose, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Bethany Rose, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Bethany Rose, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Bethany Rose has loved films her whole life. Her first memory of the cinema is going to see A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, and sitting on her sister's lap so she could see over the seat. Ever since then she has been devouring films, especially horror films. When she's not watching, or writing/talking/reading about movies, she is teaching English (but always including a film or two as part of the curriculum, of course). In 2010 she started an Oscar watchlist and has currently seen all Best Picture winners and nearly every Best Picture nominee. She still thinks horror films are the best, particularly those from the 1970s and '80s.

Martin Hafer, Blogger / Film Criticism

Martin Hafer, Blogger/Film Criticism

Martin Hafer, Blogger/Film Criticism

Martin Hafer has worked in the mental health field as a social worker and psychotherapist. However, after a second incident occurred where he was nearly killed by a client, he decided to do something less risky and taught high school and middle school. This included teaching classes in psychology, American history, World History, Economics and Government. However, at age 45, he was fortunate to be able to retire.

Martin is known to some as 'that strange guy who can't stop writing reviews on IMDb'. As of November 2014, using his alias 'planktonrules,' he has reviewed an unrivaled 17000+ films for the site--making him an incredibly obsessive-compulsive man with far too much time on his hands. However, despite outward appearances, he does enjoy a very full life in sunny Florida and does more than just sit in front of the television and review films. He enjoys fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, cooking, travel as well as boring people about his extensive knowledge of classic Hollywood films. He is the father of two great daughters and is married an internationally best-selling writer, Karen Rose.

For Martin's blog or to read his IMDb reviews, click on the links below.

C. Rachel Katz, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

C. Rachel Katz, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

C. Rachel Katz, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Rachel is a horror nerd from Canada. In addition to writing for Influx, her work has appeared in Paracinema Magazine and she's lectured at The Black Museum, a horror lecture series in Toronto.

Depending on the day, her favourite movie is either Predator, The Thing, Robocop, or Warlock. Under the handle DM, Rachel co-hosts a weekly horror podcast, TheAvod, in which she and Count Vardulon argue about movies and assorted genre miscellany.

At present, Rachel is editing a horror anthology celebrating female voices in horror fiction and nonfiction. She has a degree in underwater archeology and teaches skiing.

Conner Schwerdtfeger, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Conner Schwerdtfeger, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Conner Schwerdtfeger, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer


Conner Schwerdtfeger graduated from Chapman University in May 2014 with dual degrees in screenwriting and communication studies. In addition to Powertale TV he also writes for Screen Rant, Cinema Blend and All Day Media. His passion for film has run deep, ever since he was 3 and his parents made the ill advised decision of buying him a VHS copy of Top Gun.



Rachel Wilford, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Rachel Wilford, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer

Rachel Wilford, Film Critic / Lead Entertainment Writer


Rachel will be attending San Diego State University this coming fall for her fourth year of college. She plans to obtain her master's degree in Journalism with a minor in Spanish.

She loves movies and watches so many TV shows that she often gets stressed out trying to keep up with them all. She has had a passion for writing since middle school and is now trying to use that passion to write for the entertainment industry.

Gordon Shelly, Lead Entertainment Writer

Armin Callo, Theater and Arts Critic

Randy Krinsky, Film Critic/Lead Entertainment Writer

Josh Stillman, Film Critic/Lead Entertainment Writer

Josh Stillman, Film Critic/Lead Entertainment Writer

Film Critic/Lead Entertainment Writer

Josh was raised on the mean streets of Cary, North Carolina, and attended Duke University for five debaucherous years. After graduating with degrees in English and Documentary Studies, he moved to New York City to intern with Entertainment Weekly, SPIN Magazine, and Brooklyn Magazine.

A year later he fled to Quito, Ecuador to teach English, but really he did it to "find himself" and piss off his parents. Now he's back in New York, trying to hustle his way into the entertainment industry. Oh, and he watches way too many movies.

Robert Pagán, Film Critic

Robert Pagán, Film Critic

Robert Pagán, Film Critic

Robert Pagán graduated from St. Cloud University in 2014 and DePaul University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Masters of Arts in Journalism respectively. Film and entertainment has been a passion of his ever since he took a film class in high school. That passion extends into Television as he would be in trouble without the invention of DVR.
Picking your favorite film is hard but if he had to choose it would have to be one that he has to watch if it’s on television. In that case it would be Hook or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Reading intertwines with his love of media. Robert loves to compare/analyze the original source material (book, short story, play, etc.) to the adapted medium (film, television, video game, etc.).



Kasey Green, Special to INFLUX Magazine

Kristina Aiad-Toss, Special to INFLUX Magazine

Ruby Yang, Special to INFLUX Magazine

Robert Pagan, Special to INFLUX Magazine



Brian Barsuglia, Publisher/Managing Editor 

Brian is a veteran in the publishing, entertainment and education industries. In publishing he has worked as an editor, publisher and manager at multiple regional and national publications including Landscape Architect & Specifier News, Coastal Life, The Seal Beach Sun Newspaper, Landscape Contractor, Harmon Autos as well as being published in Bluetorch and The Orange County Register, and, of course, Influx Magazine. His photography has also been published to national audiences as well. Barsuglia has also published three novels and multiple study guides that sell regularly on Amazon.  He began his career in entertainment many years ago, working as a production assistant on America's Funniest People.  He then moved to post-production, and worked with studios such as MGM/UA, Buena Vista, Sony and many others.  He has additionally worked as a director, producer and cinematographer on multiple films and shows.


Additional Contributors

Jim Davis, Contributing Writer

Daniel Nava, Contributing Writer

Lance Davis via his website The Adios Lounge

Josh Barry, Jess Lofland, Dennis Peters via Indie Movies 2 Watch

Kevin Brent, Critic of All Things He Desires

Kevin was the co-founder and managing editor of Influx Magazine back in the early days. He writes on all things entertainment from movies to music to food to travel to sports and other nonsense. He's a writer and musician and a dad. That's right folks, if you know Kevin, guess what, he's papa Brent now!

David Dempsey, Contributing Editor

Chad Nicholson, Contributing TV Critic

Past Contributors
Influx Magazine has had many contributors over the years.  The website is not a complete archive and the list here primarily focuses on active contributors.  If you are looking for an article from a past contributor, you can type their name in the "search" field, or you can contact us here to inquire.  Thank you.

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