The Bye Bye Man (2016) Review

"[The Bye Bye Man] works more commendably and entertainingly than it should." by Steve

Monster Trucks (2016) Review

"An engaging romp in a class all on its own" by Steve Pulaski In

Live by Night (2016) Review

"Affleck gives a stunningly vanilla performance" by Steve Pulaski Ben Affleck's Live by Night

Patriots Day (2016) Review

"Strong acting from a variety of proven talents" by Steve Pulaski Watch Steve's supplemental

A Monster Calls (2016) Review

A fantastical story infused with very adult themes. by Steve Pulaski Watch Steve's supplemental

INFLUX Magazine Film Awards Winners

Announcements, Official Selections, Awards & More Check out the 2016 Season 9 Announcements below!

Hidden Figures (2016) Review

"Hidden Figures does a lot right in regards to its story" by Steve Pulaski

Jackie (2016) Review

"Jackie, if nothing else, gets us to look deeper at an American icon" by

Fences (2016) Review

"[Viola] Davis plays the housewife role with stunning emotional conviction" by Steve Pulaski The

The Answer (2015) Review

There is a lot of promise in this one. by Martin Hafer Iqbal Ahmed

Catch ‘The Snare’ in Theaters & On Demand this January

In theaters and On Demand January 2017, The Snare! In theaters and On Demand

Brazilian horror ‘The Devil Lives Here’ Released by Artsploitation

Artsploitation release The Devil Lives Here on DVD & VOD One day, teenagers spending the

Lucha Mexico (2016) Review

Giving 1000%! by Martin Hafer Lucha Mexico is a new documentary from Alex Hammond

Land and Shade (2015) Review

Drink several double espressos first before watching by Martin Hafer Land and Shade is

Foster Shock (2016) Review

A hard-hitting documentary by Martin Hafer Mari Frankel and Deborah Ortiz are both very,

Passengers (2016) Review

"Passengers is marginally successful entertainment" by Steve Pulaski Passengers opens by telling us the

Loving (2016) Review

"This is a film for those tired of the common tropes and hungry for

Poverty, Inc. (2014) Review

A powerful documentary that challenges commonly held assumptions by Martin Hafer The thrust behind

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Review

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is an unfortunately drab affair" by Steve Pulaski J.J.

La La Land (2016) Review

"La La Land treats you to an excess of emotions and feelings" by Steve

For the Love of Spock (2016) Review

It’s not just for Trekkies…. by Martin Hafer When I began watching For the

The Alley Cat (2014) Review

This one really, really impressed me. by Martin Hafer The plot for The Alley

Office Christmas Party (2016) Review

There's fun to be had in Office Christmas Party by Steve Pulaski Office Christmas

Papa (2016) Review

An excellent film when you don't want anything taxing and you just want to

Our Little Sister (2015) Review

Another lovely film from the same director of the marvelous Like Father, Like Son

Short Film Selection from Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival – Part Two

Short film recommendations from the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival - Part Two by

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) Official Trailer

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)   Premise: A nation of genetically

Short Film Selection from Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival – Part One

Some short films worth seeing at the TBUFF - Part One by Martin Hafer

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