Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr is an actor who had early success in his career after he came to everyone’s attention playing Tre in Boyz in tha Hood back in 1991. He’s a hard working actor who takes on whatever job comes along and that is precisely how he ends up in these types of low budget film by the likes of BMX Bandits director Brian Trenchard-Smith. He takes on the big projects as well as the small, which is really the right way to do it, but normally you would want to make sure your talent was not being utterly wasted. That’s more or less how I felt about Cuba starring in this low budget, Australian set, action movie. Wasted. Cuba’s latest movie Summoned is reviewed here.

We start late at night on a jetty, where an FBI agent (Cuba Gooding Jr) has been called by someone to come and help him out of a lethal situation he has found himself in. The agent gets there in time to see the man being taken away at gunpoint so orders them to stop. A firefight ensues and the gunmen get away with the victims body, leaving behind one of his bloody fingers on the jetty. When they check the fingerprint out they discover it belongs to a man they thought died two years previously, so contact his wife who is a hotshot reporter (Emmanuelle Vaugier) and now they both investigate in Australia. The FBI and Aussie government are trying to get proof of corruption on a very rich crooked businessman and it looks like he is behind it the second death of the nine fingered victim.

This really wasn’t a good film at all, with unconvincing support, poor script and very bad effects. The boat explosion halfway through the film is as bad as an explosion can get when there is little money to spend on such things. The dialogue wasn’t good and didn’t feel right as the script clearly needed a lot of work. The surprises weren’t surprising, the music was straight from a can and the action scenes were rather timid. As you may be able to tell, I didn’t like very much about this movie, other than a few of the actors but that’s not really enough in my book, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen (that honor goes to Eldorado 3D). It’s just a cheap movie with a great actor and is worth watching if you only need to pass the time, just don’t look for anything special because you will only be let down.

Not for everyone.

Grade: C

Nav Qateel.

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