This fine comedy is somewhat reminiscent of the elderly National Lampoon films (most definitely not the newer ones), with toilet humour and gags abound, aimed at a mature audience, but this had the sultry Katharine Isabelle (American Mary) providing a rather homely type of eye candy. In all honesty miss Isabelle was my sole reason for watching this movie, review be damned, but as it turns out, The Movie Out Here was genuinely funny and on the whole, pretty darn good. It is apparently based on a series of commercials for a popular Canadian beer, which received loads of placement but never to the detriment to the film and had I not known this fact, I would have assumed it was a purely fictitious brand name.

We start off in an office where boss Edith (Karin Konoval) is ordering an overweight Gary (Jason Burkart) to see over a property sale in small town Canada, to his dismay, but after entering a toilet stall he begins to have a heart attack. Overhearing Gary’s distress, workmate Adam (Robin Nielsen) tries to help and ends up getting trapped under his bare assed friend. There ensues some arguing with Edith but Adam must take Gary’s place and as it turns out the aforementioned small town is actually Adam’s birthplace and now he finds himself in a small property takeover war involving his old friends and one extremely dim witted enemy. Adam has an overbearing fiance who won’t give him peace over wedding arrangements, there are movie commercials with Sasquatch, forest officials looking for a Sasquatch and a love interest to make things even more complicated. In actual fact there is a lot going on in this flick but it has been put together rather well.

There were a few classic scenes sprinkled liberally throughout but the one that had me cracking up the most was with the bartender who offers advice to Adam by insisting he shoot himself in the toilets with his shotgun while it’s quiet, and tells him he’ll take the gun after hearing the shot to confuse police.

I’m not sure how well most folk will take to this comedy but it most certainly is aimed directly between the eyes of us men, but I have to tell you, us men liked it very much and us men will be watching it again no doubt, bare breasts, fart jokes, Katharine Isabelle and all.

Highly Recommended

Grade: B