Protect the Coven

I was laughing heartily near the start of this episode when we heard Delphine talk of her past while doing all the housework, but the part where she tells Madison she hadn’t flushed her toilet, then Madison tells her, “you can clean my shit up, bitch!” and the result of the insult was actually quite gratifying. It didn’t actually show that the food Myrtle was commending Delphine on was laced with Madison’s shit, but I’m sure the witches were eating it, judging by the smile on Delphine’s face as she wheeled her trolley away.

After an absence last episode, we begin this episode of Coven, set in 1830, New Orleans, with Kathy Bates’ Delphine, moving into her new home. She’s waiting on her slaves arriving and has to do the cooking herself. After her daughter can’t bring herself to chop a live chicken’s head off, Delphine does the deed and we see her fascination as the blood pumps out of the stump. She then finds a slave with a deep gash in his leg, and he’s bleeding out from the wound, but instead of helping the man, she knocks him out, strings him up and declares, “I think I’m gonna like it here.”

American Horror Story
Created by
Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk
Taissa Farmiga, Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Kathy Bates, Lily Rabe, Jessica Lange
Episode Release Date
15 January 2014
Ed’s Grade: A+

Delphine gets to repeat this once again, using Spalding’s room, and she eventually tortures the man to death. What she doesn’t know is Spalding, who’s now a ghost, has been watching her in action. He basically cons her into thinking she can kill Marie with antihistamine tablets, which he tells her are magic. The results were quite amusing and was another bit of payback for Delphine. Why I feel sorry for the racist, murdering Delphine is beyond me but it’s just the twisted way of this series I guess. Spalding gets do his weird thing too, but using a real baby as a doll.

Zoe discovers, using a spell, who killed Nan, but after trying to get Madison interested in finding out why, Madison tells her she doesn’t care. Madison also asks Zoe why she had to fall in love with Kyle instead of sharing him, and when Zoe attempts to give Kyle oral sex, he shoves her aside and tells her he loves Zoe. This sets Madison off and she begins to use her powers to toss things around. When Myrtle walks in and objects, Madison tells her, when she’s the Supreme she intends to drag the coven out of the dark ages. Madison appears convinced she is the next Supreme, as does the new badass version of Queenie, and now that Nan is out-of-the-way, with Misty still stuck in the tomb, we’re still no closer to finding out.

Hank’s father sets up a meet with the witches and it’s arranged in an office in New Orleans, as the witches want to be on home turf. He’s under the illusion he’s safe with his security detail around him. What they don’t realise is that serving the drinks to Fiona and Marie is the Axeman, who gets out his axe and starts to chop the lot of the Adelphi witch hunters up, leaving Hank’s father last, who is finally killed by Fiona herself in a gruesomely realistic way, which is all being filmed by Marie in her phone.

Cordelia is feeling powerless now that she can see with her new eyes but can’t see anything of the future, so in another horrifying act, she stabs out both her eyes. Myrtle gives Zoe an expensive piece of jewelry, along with another bit of humorous dialogue, and tells her to take Kyle and get out of the coven as she’s scared that either Fiona or Madison will kill her, as she just might be the new Supreme. We finish with Zoe and Kyle boarding a bus to Orlando. I wonder if Myrtle was doing this for genuine reasons or if she’s also up to something?

This was easily the best episode yet, with loads happening by most of the cast, and we learn a bit more about Delphine’s past and how she got started with killing and torture. What will become of Marie, now that she’s at the mercy of Delphine? Will Cordelia have the power to save the coven from Fiona, who we know plans to murder each of the witches until the rising Supreme is dead?

TV Review by Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer