by Ed Blackadder


It would seem Dylan is starting to warm to the idea of having a father and mother, for the first time in his life, and Norman, who’s been feeling left out of his symbiotic relationship with Norma, is about to bring Dylan’s happiness crashing down around him.

Several times during the episode, titled Unbreak-Able, Norman caught snippets of conversation between Dylan and Norma, and like any normal psychopathic serial-killer, he’s jumping to the wrong conclusion about what they’re talking about.

Last week saw Annika die in Norma’s arms, but just before she succomed, Annika handed her a flash drive. It looks like the drive contains something incriminating regarding Bob Paris and The Arcanum Club, as evidenced when Bob asks Romero if Annika was found with anything on her. How’s that for incriminating yourself in a double homicide?!

Bates Motel
Created by
Anthony Cipriano
Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot
Episode Release Date
30 March 2015
Ed’s Grade: B+

Norma tries to open the password-protected flash drive and she can’t guess what it could be. I was shouting at the screen “type ‘Arcanum’ Norma!” but she wouldn’t listen. After asking a hacker-y type guy to attempt to crack the password, but who fails, Norma then tells Dylan about the drive. Not only does Romero now suspect Norma might have something that Annika was carrying when she died, Bob Paris and his goon are caught by Dylan as they ransack the motel office. This confirms Dylan’s and Norma’s suspicion that the drive contains something of great value, but also something that people are willing to kill for.

It turns out Annika was driving the floater’s car, making it two dead women connected to Bob’s club. Romero learns from another working girl that both women had a sexual appointment with Bob, however, Bob may have some kind of hold over the sheriff, judging by Bob’s flippant attitude towards Romero.

Norma is onto Norman’s ploy to use Emma, although she’s only half right as to why he’s dating her. I believe he’s using her to annoy Norma, but he’s also using her to appear normal to the rest of the world. However, he could be using Emma as a disguise subconsciously. Norma also warns Norman not to have sex with Emma incase he kills her due to her illness. She appears to genuinely care for Emma, or as much as Norma is capable of truly caring for anyone other that her two boys.

The final scene has Norman follow Dylan out to the farm, where Dylan only intended to hide the flash drive to keep it safe. The sulky, petulant, jealous, paranoid Norman sees Caleb, with predictable results. He warns Dylan that he’s heading back to tell Norma that “her rapist” is staying at the farm. In an emotional scene, Dylan begs him not to destroy the relationship he has built with Norma. “I didn’t know what to do” Dylan says to the retreating taillights as Norman drives away. Will Norman tell his mother?