Not Great

by Martin Hafer

With a title like Zombeavers, you can pretty much assume you’re not going to be watching a film for the Masterpiece Theatre crowd. As far as the film goes, it’s about what you’d expect if you only went by the artwork; dopey with lots of crude humor and boob shots.

The film begins with three young ladies going off in the woods for a little vacation. Like so many films these days, the girls seem to have nothing in common. One is annoying, crude and enjoys taking her clothes off, one is bland and the other seems prudish and thoughtful. Just the sort of folk you cannot imagine actually being friends. Soon their boyfriends show up and that’s when the zombie beavers begin attacking. Inexplicably, the six don’t immediately leave but hang about to presumably become dinner for these feisty creatures.

Directed by
Jordan Rubin
Rachel Melvin, Cortney Palm, Lexi Atkins
Release Date
20 March 2015
Martin’s Grade: D+

What follows is basically a Halloween or Friday the 13th sort of film but instead of human attackers, there are rather silly beaver puppets. Given its title, it also abounds with crude, sophomoric humor — with jokes about rape, beavers and a close-up of a dog taking a leak. Clearly this is not an intellectually taxing film and the jokes seemed terribly unfunny. At least it doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s pretty much the sort of film the audience would expect. The acting and direction are okay. The disappointment for me was the writing. With a concept like zombie beavers, I expected more laughs. I actually expected the film to be more of a comedy, perhaps like the wonderful spoof Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. While I was far from bowled over by the film, I really was impressed by the opening titles. They were very imaginative and well done, though unfortunately what follows didn’t maintain the same level of cleverness.