Norman is Far From Normal

This wasn’t anything like I expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankfully, it contained none of the sensationalism that a series pilot would normally contain, especially one that may want to try to live up to the name of the cult movie that it’s based on. Instead we are introduced to a young Norman and a still youthful Norma Bates in mature fashion. It’s apparent that we’ll learn in good time how we go from a relatively normal young man to the psychopath we all know and love, with his strange, complicated yet loving relationship with his mother and her cloying attentions. We are beginning to learn that there may be more sinister a reason for keeping him away from girls his own age who are showing an interest in him.

We haven’t met too many characters yet but the ones we have met look great and are a glimpse of things to come. This pilot was very impressive and it’s good to see everything being set up nicely into the way we remember the old Bates Motel was, except they’ve brought this one into the present day which was a bit of a gamble but as far as I’m concerned it works perfectly. The casting was another thing they got right. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore are perfect in their roles and I didn’t have any problem seeing them as the infamous Bates duo. No problem at all.

This was a quick review of the pilot but It still stands as of the end of season 1. It has been quite incredible, with rarely a dull moment, making this one of the best shows around. I will be reviewing each episode as they come out, so remember to have a look at the critics section, or better yet, come visit us regularly at Influx Magazine, where we cover major TV shows and the latest movies.

Grade: A

by Ed Blackadder,