I can’t see you Mommy!

Poltergeist is another movie to be getting remade, or in this case, a reboot, but will this be even close to as good as the original spooky ghost story? If it manages to be half as good, then it should do rather well. Steven Spielberg was behind the terrifying story of a little girl who is taken into a different astral plane, and can only communicate via a TV that is left on at a snow filled empty channel. She encounters horrors that a little girl should never see, and may never forget!

MGM were financially responsible for the three movie franchise, back in the 80’s, but things being as they are, and costs needing to be spread, they are partnering up with Fox 2000 Pictures. This could mean we get to see more of these old classics getting the dust blown off their covers, ready for round two. This could be a very good thing, but it also could be the exact opposite.

Please don’t mess this one up. I have fond memories of Poltergeist, and I wish them to remain that way.