As a BB fan since Season 1, this has been a horrifying season to watch for a variety of reasons.

Reality series rarely reflect the day-to-day lives of Middle-America viewers. Exotic locations, crazy competitions, and complete strangers aligning and realigning at every turn create an addicting level of curiosity, tension, and disbelief. What is real, though, is the reminder that evil exists when “good” people do nothing. House guests Andy, Helen, David, Judd, McCrae, Kaitlin, and Howard are typical bystanders never really confronting the corruptive behavior of BB bullies. Candace, Elissa, and Jessie have ineffectively objected without success. Candace, the most outspoken against the racism, is also the most frequent victim. Elissa has always been an outsider and target because she is Rachel Reilly’s sister. Jessie is so needy and pathetic she is unlikely to influence anyone’s behavior.

The unsettling racism, sexism, and homophobia of house guests Aaryn, Jeremy, GinaMarie, Amanda, and Spencer is blatant and consistent to fans watching the live feeds and reading the blogs. This week Spencer digs an even deeper hole from which there is no escape. We will never see his child porn jests because they are so obscene.  Anyone depraved enough to joke about being sexually aroused by three and four year olds being molested and raped needs to be evicted by CBS.

The greatest frustration is the lost opportunity of this as a teaching moment. When a show is called Big Brother, we expect some manipulation and interference from a higher power. We know in the Diary Room things do get stirred up and information is revealed to the cast. Perhaps, CBS, Julie Chen, and those monitors need to shake things up and demonstrate to viewers and cast there are real life consequences for bullying.

There are a number of alliance maps fans can Internet search, but the maps are about as reliable as the house guests. Within larger alliances are smaller alliances, side alliances, fake alliances, and cross alliances. And this unlikable cast, may have created its own self-destruct alliance. After all, Aaryn and GinaMarie have both been fired from their real life jobs, and Union Pacific has made it clear Spencer is not a desirable employee. It’s time to throw the bums out.

Tonight is likely a Double Eviction night. Candace is scheduled for eviction. Jessie won the Veto and Spencer took her place on the block. Amanda was put on the block again by MVP America. The smartest play would involve blindsiding Amanda, so that won’t happen. Spencer is such a vile person this cast will keep him. That leaves Candace, and she will probably become the first jury member.  The biggest question is who will join her in the jury house later tonight.

The game Fast Forwards with a new HOH, nominees, POV winner, and evictee. No predictions since the next HOH is an unknown.

Spoiler Alert! 

Double Eviction Night Results!

1st Evictee – Candace
HOH – Aaryn
Nominees – Jessie/Spencer
POV – Aaryn
Jessie taken off the block &
replaced by Judd.
2nd Evictee – Judd

Review by Elizabeth Barsuglia, special to Influx Magazine