Bored Dead Before Dawn 1D

It doesn’t help that I watch so many movies, as my job entails doing just that, and a fair amount of the films are of the horror, horror-comedy genre, so it’s safe to say I’ve pretty much seen them all. Now, I can watch a film that has nothing truly original if it has one or two redeeming qualities, and if the film I’m watching achieves what it set out to do, like offer a bit of entertainment. Dead Before Dawn managed to achieve none of the things I look for in a film, thanks to a tired script, and some over-the-top, forced performances by one or three of the players. On the plus side, April Mullen is apparently the youngest woman to do a low budget movie of this type, and I did like the general premise, having a curse do the zombie fix on its victims. The acting wasn’t bad, but needed better direction when the horror scenes were happening. For example, Casper (Devon Bostick) was continually jumping with fright in the first quarter which mostly looked very fake, and should have been handled by Mullen differently. When dealing with old pros like Christopher Lloyd, I’m sure Mullen let him do his thing but not so with some of the others, as they needed guidance.

Dead Before Dawn 3D
April Mullen
Devon Bostick, Christopher Lloyd, Martha MacIsaac
US VOD Release Date
2 August, 2013
Influx Grade: D

Casper (Bostick) has been asked by his grandfather, Horus (Christopher Lloyd) to look after his store The Occult Barn, as he’s just won a much cherished occult award, which he’ll be presented with at some function. Horus explains a few very simple rules, one of which is, not to allow anyone, including himself, anywhere near a skull-capped urn (which you just know is precisely what will happen), as it holds the demons captured by his great great etc grandfather, many years ago, and to open it will bring a curse on the person or persons.
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While watching the store, a group of his school-friends come in and lo-and-behold — break the urn. They inexplicably decide to make the curse take the form of, anyone the group makes eye-contact with before 10 pm that night, will die horrifically, then come back as a demon. This obviously starts happening and with the help of some bad jokes and grandpa, they must try to break the curse. This isn’t really a film for adults (or anyone who prefers to think of themselves as one), because the humor just wasn’t there for non-early teenagers, and I honestly didn’t find anything amusing in this movie. Also the characters were flat, and one dimensional, but I’m sure some will enjoy some of this flick. Watch out for Christopher Lloyd nodding to his Back to the Future days with a cry of, “great scot”!

Nav Qateel