Fatal Attraction Alert!

Nick, now that you’re home, Hide Your Bunny! Ginamarie has gone Glen Close. Since Nick’s eviction, Ginamarie’s behavior has gone from pathetic to bizarre. A Day of the Dead shrine to remember and honor her great love is just the tip of the iceberg. His hat a holy relic;  on Friday a memorial service is scheduled.  Any and every conversation, from mundane to sensational, ends in Nick if Ginamarie’s is in the vicinity. When she’s not crying, she’s sharing delusional memories of her reality showmance. It might be time for Nick to consider entering a secret witless protection plan – you should have seen this coming fella.

By a vote of 9 – 1, self-proclaimed Cherokee chief and charmer, Jeremy, has been evicted. Showmance sweetheart Kaitlin was the only vote to keep him, so the second member if the Moving Company has moved out.

One early strategy of the Moving Company was to form showmances with females. Nick forced himself to endure Ginamarie’s stalking and took one for the team. Now Jeremy, happily hot and heavy with Kaitlin, is out the door. So this begs the question, is McCrae the next evictee? He and Amanda have been very busy beneath the blankets. The pizza boy is making regular deliveries. Amanda dropped her doctor boyfriend for pizza boy and is convinced McCrae is truly a wealthy genius. He may not be a genius, but he is definitely a pizza boy.

Judd is the new Head of Household after winning a trivia challenge.

New game twist – America will vote for the third eviction nominee each week. Three-time MVP Elissa is no longer the middleman. This may be Big Brothers’ ploy to get rid if Aaryn. With Judd as HOH, the Goof Troop and Knock-Outs should be safe, but Howard and Spencer hope to get the Moving Company up and running again.

Spoiler Alert! Judd has nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction.

Review by Elizabeth Barsuglia, special to Influx Magazine