2 Weddings and a Funeral

This was a good episode indeed, as we see more powerplay by the Royals, as they play with peoples lives for the sake of gaining their wealth. A common practice back then I’m sure (some things never change) but to see it played out like that is interesting, to say the least, and is quite an eye-opener. Women were mere property in those days, and marriage was all about position and power. It appeared an accepted way of life for important, wealthy families, both then and now. Anne Neville (Faye Marsay) realises this early on in the episode, and this is the main focus, and finally King Edward (Max Irons) starts to act like a King, by messing around with the help.

Anne Neville is finally announced at court, where she seeks forgiveness for her family’s betrayal, which is eventually given. Queen Elizabeth (Rebecca Ferguson) is royally pissed (sorry, I couldn’t resist) at having another former enemy pardoned, and to top it off, the much hated George is given custody of Anne, so by extension, her vast wealth. Isabell appears to be unhappy at this arrangement, but I’m not completely sure why, as Isabelle jumps from feeling sorry to being downright nasty to her little sister. She and Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson) have a fight, and after big sister is knocked on her backside, is ordered to stay in her chamber and to remain there until she accepts her fate.

Lady Margaret Beaufort (Amanda Hale) has been hard at work praying, when she hears that her mother is at deaths door. She takes this as a sign (surprise, surprise), so sets off to see her before she dies. Lady Beauchamp is on her deathbed, looking for closure with her daughter, but Margaret being Margaret practically curses her. The Queen is arguing with Edward over where their first born heir should stay, as it’s custom for the Prince of Wales to actually stay in Wales (makes sense I suppose), but Elizabeth is having none of it. She asks her brother, Anthony to take charge of his nephew, and he agrees. This is noticed by George and I think we’re meant to pay attention to this fact.

Jacquetta Woodville (Janet McTeer) is dying, she tells a pregnant Queen, who is obviously devastated at the news. She has heart trouble, and knows she doesn’t have long, so tells Elizabeth to prepare herself. The Queen catches Edward in bed with Jane Shaw, and it seems to be common knowledge around court. Anne is trying all manner of ways to get out of her situation, and away from a cruel George, whose only interest is in her large estate. Richard Duke of Gloucester (Aneurin Barnard) steps in, after much messing about, and after a strange offer of marriage from none other than Margaret Beaufort, which he wisely turns down. The rest is loosely as follows. Margaret eventually marries Thomas Stanley, Anne marries Richard, the Queen has a son and then buries her mother, making this a solid episode all round. I liked the Anne and Richard story, as it gave us a bit of romance for a change. Ah, true love.

Grade: A

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine

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