Enough To Put Anyone Off Marriage!

I don’t often choose or avoid a movie simply going by the poster, but as soon as I saw the poster for Breakup at a Wedding I sort of thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, but even though I enjoy my independent flicks, anything with a hand drawn banner does not usually bode well. I can’t think of any exceptions but I suppose there must be. There was a horror I recently watched about the wedding from hell (Shotgun Wedding) but this isn’t quite that sort of indie. This is about a couple who decide to go through with their wedding ceremony but only fake it, after she gets very bad jitters and tells him “if you really love me, then don’t marry me.” that is precisely what he does, by simply trying to put on a show. Nothing goes to plan as one disaster after another, it all goes horribly and amusingly wrong, with the trusted camera guy following their every disaster.

This Zachary Quinto produced indie, from director Victor Quinaz, was handled well enough, certainly with the script he was working from, but I’m not so sure this sort of “footage” flick is his thing. It had the potential to be much better, with some of the longer gags running out of steam, and failing to amuse us. I wouldn’t have even considered this movie had it not been for Mr Quinto’s name attached to it, however, having watch it, it really wasn’t that bad, but it isn’t going to be to everyones taste. Just keep an open mind and you may just get more out of Breakup at a Wedding than I.

Watchable, but little more.

Grade: C

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine

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