A great end to the season.

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch this first season of Hannibal, with some great writing, superb acting and a cast of some of the finest Thespians money can buy. The characters have been excellent, though, some took a bit of getting used to, like Mr Dancy and his overacted strangeness. Which is how we open the finale to season 1, and it really has been great getting here.

A sweaty and confused Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) has had another horned nightmare, so gets out of bed and starts to throw up. Right on top of a human ear. The “ear” in question marks the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning, for the very interesting relationship between Will and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen), but we all know it doesn’t, indeed, can’t stop there. Will and the FBI have been led on a merry dance by Lecter, and so far Hannibal’s luck has held. So far.

The focus is on Will, as he tries to deconstruct events leading up to Abigail’s disappearance, and while he makes some excellent headway, things don’t go as planned. We see some of the old murder scenes from throughout this first season, with some changes. There was nothing graphic in this one either, but it was a brilliant way to wrap it up, as Will is now suspected of allsorts of death, but can he shift the blame to the real monster? You’ll have to watch it to find out, as I’m certainly not gonna spoil it for you. Also, listen out for the aria from Hannibal (the movie) and watch that smirk on a gleeful Lecter. A great episode but not the best.

Highly Recommended

Grade: A