Broadcast: Extended Play Two

Warp/Tommy Boy Records

Taking flight from the faltering world of Brit-pop and landing in the oddly welcoming nest of Tommy Boy records comes Broadcast. Since the mid 90’s this band has been releasing singles in England to much success capturing the same audience as their contemporaries, Stereolab.  Finally, with new label support in the states, their first official full length entitled “The Noise Made By People” was released with much critical success.


Now with the release of this five song E.P. they continue their foray in the world of eerie electronic pop. Drifting between dark melodies enhanced by obscure samples and lush vocals, the music reverberates the intensity of a Stanley Kubrik film score. There is an air of dignity and craftsmanship that mirrors the beauty in their music, a style that seems to bridge a gap between brit-pop and avant-garde.

Rating: C+