Cady Wampuss: Demo

Drifting in from Seal Beach California comes a sound that conjures up dregs from the early nineties grunge scene. You remember grunge – to some it served as a vehicle for sensitive lyricists to disguise their wallowing with a hard rock edge.  Currently salvaging this style is a quartet who calls themselves Caddy Wampuss. For your convenience the have included a textbook definition of Wampus on the brief liner notes of this three song demo.

Now this is a noble effort on their part but unfortunately I don’t hear too much innovation. The music seems very appropriate for a bar band but I don’t see much beyond that. Lyrically I wasn’t overwhelmed though the environmental issues raised in the song “Funk on the Water” seem genuine though naïve.  Debuting in 1999 with this demo they now have expanded their catalogue with a whole album, of which these three songs reappear. The music shows that they are passionate and energetic but not mysterious as their web site alludes to, I wish them lot’s of luck!

Rating: C-