Causey Way: Causey Vs. Everything


Rating: A

Alternative Tentacles Virus Records

In the beginning there was a pro-skater who’s real name no longer matters as he is now reverently referred to as Causey. Seeing the evil path that corporate sponsorship was leading him down, Causey abandoned all that for a new life of purity that he outlines in the Causey Way Chapters 1-74. Ironically, chapters 1-74 remain elusive and unavailable to the public. Designated leader of the Causey Way, see Causey Way Is Not A Cult, Causey delivers his message in the form of this second release for Alternative Tentacles.  For those who have been enlightened, you will notice a slight difference in the delivery of this sermon.


These songs are not as raucous as their first album or their live performances; instead the music is more akin to a B-52s album with a higher purpose. This is the new generation of No Wave/New Wave that has included the likes of Servotron and Man or Astroman. For those of you looking for some familiarity in this band you may recognize the talents of members from Man or Astroman or if you have the chance to catch their traveling Faith Explosion Show you may notice the two sisters of Joaquin Phoenix on keyboards. Though the Causey Way insist that they are not a cult they do boast of a compound and offer all to join in their cause, a cause where the guidelines remain elusive and unavailable. All you need to do is fill out their Official Judgment Form and mail it to the compound headquarters in Gainesville Florida, were it will most likely remain pending processing. If you’re asking weather this is serious or not let me offer this analogy: their as serious as a self defined straight edger cloaked in white attempting to lead the unwilling masses in a style that parodies the more zealous televangelists.


The ultimate goal of Causey Way is to multiply and prosper but they can’t do that without you! So buy into the brilliance that is Causey.