De La Soul: Art Official Intelligence – Mosaic Thump

Rating: B-

Tommy Boy Records

This is the first installment of a three part series. Yes, the band that has tried to keep a line on innovation in a hit single oriented scene, embark on their most ambitious task to date.  Though most of their previous albums have held some kind of concept throughout, this is a return to the loose and diverse energy of their debut “3 Feet High And Rising”. But the innocent days of “3 Feet High” have been replaced with more sophisticated technology and harder rhymes. On Mosaic Thump, De La Soul delivers it with different styles and incorporates the help of an equally diverse range of guests. Busta Rhymes, Chaka Khan, Mike D, Ad Rock, and Redman are just a few of the people adding to the mix. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying that Del La Soul is at the point in their career where they have matured to the point of musical impudence. Far from it! Mosaic Thump carries on the tradition of skits in between tracks, all the while keeping the music live with fresh rhymes and beats.