Doctor Strange sequel enters the multiverse of nonsense in an attempt to explain the unexplainable in yet another unnecessary entry into the MCU

by Gordon Shelly

Sam Raimi, at times, exhibits and undeniable greatness as a filmmaker and director. We have seen him at his best in a film like The Evil Dead. Even The Quick and the Dead has some amazing moments (let alone an amazing cast). As a director, he has also had some extreme lows. Spiderman 3 was a low, low, low, in fact.

Raimi again tackles another superhero project in an attempt at redemption with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This appears to be a chance for Marvel to do some real life multiverse jumping by crisscrossing the superhero and horror genres.

Does it work? Not really.

Marvel fans will be satisfied by the constant MCU references layered and layered throughout. And, it is a film with non-stop motion and action — another staple of the MCU.

So many things in this movie simply don’t make sense. The multiverse doesn’t make sense. Doctor Strange’s dialogue and explanations don’t make sense. Character motivation doesn’t make sense. The rules in and out of the multiverse don’t make sense. And so much more.

Yes, the film is visually stunning (and non-stop so). What the movie lacks in “sense” making, it tries to cover this up with action and movement and color in a relentless assault of nonsense, never fully connecting an A-B thought.

Is this movie good? I mean, like all reviews, that is subjective, but it is simply too much while simultaneously being not close enough.

What I found most disappointing though is that this movie never delivers in the horror genre — the place where Raimi is typically at its best.

How is that for a review into the multiverse of nonsense?

Gordon’s Grade: C-