Halo finds a compelling combination of original storyline and ties to the game

by Gordon Shelly

You caught me. I game. I really do. However, I had never played any of the Halo games prior to watching the first season of the show. I had some familiarity. I knew that the Master Chief was the main character and that Cortana was an AI that found its way to the core of Microsoft itself. Other than that, there wasn’t much else I knew.

in fact, the series had almost zero appeal to me in concept. I had no intention of watching it until it seemed I had run out of things to watch. I figured, what the heck, I’ll watch an episode.

I watched one episode, then another, then five. Then I found myself anticipating the weekly release of each of the remaining episodes. Suddenly, episode 9 came to its conclusion and I found myself wanting more.

I then downloaded the Halo: Master Chief Collection of games. While I am still working my way through the first game (which has been remastered and is wonderfully fun and playable), I would now consider myself a fan of Halo – both the show and the games.

Pablo Schreiber handles the lead role of the Master Chief with thoughtfulness and care to the development of the character. He is a very solid actor, showing his talents as a leading man in the Halo series.

There are, of course, differences between the two, but the acting, the quality of the show, and the storylines continue to be interesting and show promise for what’s to come.

Gordon’s Grade: B