Makes you think.

This is an interesting film for a number of reasons but the main one would be just how plausible (or not) this scenario actually is, and while I don’t believe for a second the US could crumble in a matter of weeks, it touches on the serious issue of national debt. Having China cash in their multi-trillion dollar marker is perhaps not that crazy after all. This is all about making you ask yourself if this sort of thing could ever happen but sadly the people who will love this film the most are the bunker-owning gun-nuts who stockpile for such an occasion (and pray nightly it happens), and will become their new training video as Mel Gibson’s aptly named Conspiracy Theory must be boring them. I can see it now, a new reality show with a gun-toting Honey Boo Boo, teaching other kids how to save on toilet paper and make-up.

Dragon Day
Co-Written and Directed by
Jeffrey Travis
Ethan Flower, Åsa Wallander, Jenn Gotzon
Release Date
1 November 2013
Nav’s Grade: C+

This impressive little low-budget movie is from first-time feature director Jeffrey Travis, and is a good movie to get the filmmaker started. With mostly unknown and B list actors, Travis has done a decent job of getting reasonable performances from the cast, and while no Academy nominations will be seen by anyone, they were still pretty convincing. Technically I liked Dragon Day and couldn’t really fault any of it, considering the budget of $370 thousand and relative inexperience, in fact, it’s a commendable job by everyone involved. The speed everything happens is slightly off-putting but if you think about it, there’s nothing wrong with getting things moving quickly. It would have been nice if we had a monologue telling us that such and such had happened, and that way the film could have had the exact same, or very similar cut, making better sense of the timeline.

Ex NSA man Duke Evans (Ethan Flower), along with his wife, sister and young daughter, are having to move into his dead grandfather’s cabin when planes start falling out of the sky. All communications have been killed or compromised, thanks to almost everything modern having a “Made in China” chip inside. Cars and cellphones won’t work and the internet and TV is showing a Peoples Republic flag. Everyone is forced to wear a wristband but because Duke is suspicious, he and his family won’t put them on. Duke, Alonso and his elderly neighbor have their hands full with looters and an unpleasant sheriff, but then the powers that be need something from Duke. Scoot McNairy makes a quick appearance as Duke’s ex co-worker.

Nav Qateel