Marvel at the wonder that is Breaking Bad for it is not long for the world of television. Episode 13, To’hajiilee, marks the near conclusion of this phenomenal television show. A show seeing its popularity soar near the end, gaining new viewers wanting to be a part of the conversation.

Review for the latest hot (perhaps thee hottest episode ever!) episode, 14 Ozymandias. Click Here.

It is more or less impossible to talk about this episode without discussing the actual events that unfold. With that, the rest of this review is based on the assumption that a reader has seen, or at least, has a knowledge of the events leading to Walt’s current predicament.

At this point, Walt’s empire is on the brink of collapse and it appears his world will soon be turned to dust and forgotten, as the title of the next episode, Ozymandias, suggests. In brief, Ozymandias, is a poem reflecting on an empire built on vanity, but reduced to ruins by time and nearly forgotten. Walt seems to be headed in this same direction. Initially, he entered into the business of being “bad” to leave his family with a legacy after he is gone. Now, he is almost entirely about his legacy.

Hank is in hot pursuit and his determination might just prove to be as equally destructive as Walt’s ego is. Walt is lured back into the meth world for “one last cook.” Before he will perform this final cook, Todd’s uncle must complete a deadly task. Todd has developed into an interesting character, proving that he may just be one of the baddest of them all.

This episode leaves the viewer with one of the greatest cliffhangers in the history of the series. An explosive confrontation with Hank, Agent Gomez, Jesse, Todd (along with an army of white supremacists), and Walt.

While we don’t yet know the outcome. We know there will be a body count.

Episode 12 — Grade: A+


Cast:- Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk, Laura Fraser, Jesse Plemons, Steven Michael Quezada, Matt Jones, Charles Baker

Review by Gordon Shelly. Special to Influx Magazine