David Yates’ Sequel is a Perfect Return to the Wizarding World Casting Magical Spells

by Hassan Ilahi

LGBTQ communities seldom participate Order-of-the-Phoenix organizations Eye-Rowling authors experiencing Prisoner-of-Azkaban incarcerations. If Malfoy-unctioning Slytherins sneer “Enemies-of-the-Heir-Beware” warnings requested assess J.K. Rowling career, sno-Dobby treatment queers Mudblood spark Chamber-of-Secrets fears. Rowling’s Deathly-Hallows powers blossoming Lily flowers “Always” neglected Potter-y-mouthed followers. Like Harry Potter’s scars, Rowling’s rise cupboards-under-stair demise to earning Philosopher’s-Stone prize curse and blessing-in-disguise. After parents deaths, Rowling rarely afforded Skywalker-ing away from Luke-warm orphanages to Leia-surely cottage. Scout-ed not within Finch-es Jim-Crowe Alabama, Rowling rarely dis-Atticus-ed xenophobia. Rowling learned despise Turing geniuses harboring sexuality shames solving Imitation-Game. While gay marriages banned Tyrion-ical savages ruling Games-of-Thrones Medieval-Ages, today coming out closet’s seen privilege. Letting imaginations soar, Rowling ridiculed belief Narnia door. Bullied, Rowling seldom guided Magneto X-men Beastly physique. As abuse survivor, views affected “I-Must-Not-Tell-Lies” tattoos. Justifiably, book fantasy over Sirius fictions Remus-dy Dementors depression. Still, book-burning (Watson, 2021) prove hard Holocaust side Schindler’s-List genocide. No wonder Fellowship doubt writer carry ring. One’s Rowling Moody Mad-eyes friend Weasley-d out back author Goblet-of-Fire. How did author fight Hunger-Games?

Now, Rowling returns proving Reparo-ing over Quidditch-ing LGBTQ minorities opening Dumbledore Chamber-of-Secrets saves Prisoner-of-Azkaban David Yates’ Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. Old-fashioned, heartfelt and empowering, it demonstrates LGBTQ wizards deserve Viktor-ious Goblet-of-Fire competitions. With sequel, Yates summons Minerva Avada-Kedavra killing-curse through Flitwick Hagrid wands Severus homophobia. Boasting i-Lumos-inating visuals, Gollum-inous set-design and powerful performances, it’s strong spin-off. Although Secrets of Dumbledore’s magical, it isn’t Potter-fect. It’s Luke-warmingly paced, without satisfying Hunger-Games resolutions. Nevertheless, it provides spell-binding Harry Potter entertainment.

Amidst 1930’s England, Secrets of Dumbledore chronicle Albus-ted wizard recruiting Newt-bie magizoologist defeat dictator hell-bent world-dominations. Jude Law personifies Albus Dumbledore, headmaster Expelliarmus-ing doomed homosexual romances behind. However, keeping sexuality shrouded secrecy invisibility cloak thwarted lovers’ return. Assisted Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne), Dumbledore confronts Grindelwald. Following prejudice, Albus doubts Credence lover-turned-enemy.

David Yates’ commonly cast magic Potter-y-mouthed Order-of-the-Phoenix organizations using Half-Blood Prince diaries dispose Deathly-Hallows possessions. Following 2007’s Order of the Phoenix, Yates transforms Potter-fect Harry Potter filmmaker. Order of the Phoenix demonstrated aptitudes portraying Severus stakes boy-who-lived wizards introductions Umbridge-id headmistress endeavoring school’s domination. With Secrets of Dumbledore, however, Yates reconstructs Dumbledore’s backstory. It’s Yates undertakings reconstructing Albus-ted headmasters’ top-secret homosexual identities LGBTQ perspectives, but achieves deftly. For author shown Sirius obsessions drawing symbolic connections Dementors beasts and emotions (ex. Alfonso Cauron’s Prisoner of Azkaban), sequel’s visual concoctions. Using gorgeous visuals, Yates recreates LGBTQ professors self-discovery journey wizarding-world society. Emulating Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings franchise, Yates’ decision employing cameras angle empowering headmaster’s positions authority despite homosexuality succeeds immensely. Evoking Gandalf’s towering figure guiding Hobbits voyage expeditions Fellowship of the Ring, Dumbledore scaffolds Newt expedition through domineering camera-angles. Whereas Half-Blood Prince victimized professor deteriorating Severe-us powers toppling Astronomy Towers, Yates avoids homophobias. Along DP George Richmond, Yates empowers headmaster sexuality. Yates reconstructing headmasters identity, creating cinema viewing.

If Albus-ted headmasters’ homosexual identities backstories don’t attract attention, however, there’s several reasons see Secrets of Dumbledore. Given Rowling’s LGBTQ communities discrimination, franchises disenfranchised Dumbledore’s homosexuality shrouded mysteries hidden underneath invisibility cloaks. This perpetuates minimal emotional investment, destroying queer communities’ perceptions. As-textbook-exemplar, Yates’ Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald committed crime cultivating minimal time romances between Albus-ted professors destined destruction Grindelwald bells chime. Fortunately, however, Secrets of Dumbledore avoids problems. Case-in-point, symbolism’s effectively employed demonstrate professor’s indestructible romances Horcruxes sequence. During marvelous scene, Dumbledore endeavors destroy blood-pact objects signal commitments Grindelwald. One acknowledges blood-pact symbolism powerful Horcrux Slytherin-g out destructions reminiscent Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Reminding Harry’s endeavors extinguishing Slytherins locket, Dumbledore struggles abandon homosexual relations. Symbolism’s tricky technique employing movies. Whereas Mockingbird symbols signifying innocence dis-Atticus-ed segregation era (Robert Mulligan’s To Kill a Mockingbird), test modern audience patiences. However, it succeeds Potter-fectly. From writer declining LGBTQ communities Chamber-of-Secrets entries belonging properties Malfoy-unctioning families perpetuating commandments Riddle-some enemies (ex. Chris Columbus’ Chamber of Secrets), it demonstrate representations. Furthermore, Christian Manz’ specialized effect memorable. Emulating Andrew Adamson’s Chronicles of Narnia, VFX recreate Narnia worlds ruled lion out-Aslan-dish roars. Through phenomenal productions-constructions, Yates commemorates Hogwarts’ bespectacled misapprehended Headmaster.

One marvels magnificent performances.

Jude Law delivers career-best Albus Dumbledore performance. Law earned recognition sublime wizard youth primes preceding Harry Potter times (ex. The Crimes of Grindelwald). With sequel, however, he demonstrates headmaster personality. If Goblet of Fire Michael Gambon highlighted headmaster public over private image expressing outrage over underage Goblet-of-Fire coverage, Law captures emotional baggage. Emulating Benedict Cumberbatch Morten Tyldum’s The Imitation Game, Law crafts queer genius identity shame Imitation-Game. With riveting expression, he captures angst, bravery and regrets wizard go through Grindelwald gay romances. It’s brilliant performance honoring headmaster.

Supporting cast superb, craft Potter-fect chemistry. Mads Mikkelsen Magneto-ficent, constructing dictator whose masterplan world-dominations threatened homosexual romantic relationships. Eddie Redmayne’s extraordinary, bringing children wonder Hagrid caretaker crafting Buckbeak connection Aragon beast face suspicion. Final, Dan Fogler’s hilarious as Jacob.

Finally, Secrets of Dumbledore deserves acknowledgements Seeker-ing over Quidditch-ing audiences’ Philosopher’s-Stone expectations. Celebrating Chris Columbus’ Philosopher’s Stone, Yates captures Harry Potter’s nostalgia through reference bygone era. Recalling Harry Potter’s Philosopher’s Stone adventures, Yates tackles universal theme including adolescence, companionships and self-discoveries. Consequently, franchise’s fans over-the-moon boarding Platform-9-3/4’s ride.

Despite Potter-fect fan-services, however, Secrets of Dumbledore can’t reconstruct A-New-Hope mysteries light-sabers passed down across Skywalker-ing galaxies from Game-of-Thrones monarchies guarded Prisoner-of-Azkaban accosted cheating Hunger-Games ceremonies. Yates’ decision incorporate orphanages subplot’s bold and meaningful, but doesn’t succeed. Owing misjudged technique, sequences highlighting Credence’s identity aren’t as entertaining as Dumbledore’s missions. As George Lucas’ Star Wars: A New Hope proved, Luke-warm orphans deserve multidimensional backstories Skywalker galaxies. Orphanage subjects appear appropriate towards adults-oriented fantastical televisions materializing Medieval Ages ruled Tyrion-ical savages (ex. HBO’s Game of Thrones) over children’s fantastical film. Moreover, movie suffers misconceived endings. It’s fantastical conclusion sugarcoating realities faced civilians mass genocides. Whereas ending elevated Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, it clashes child-friendly tone. Consequently, Secrets of Dumbledore falters.

Conclusively, not everyone board Secrets of Dumbledore’s theme-park rides based side Nazis taking prides committing Schindler’s List genocides. Emulating Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, Yates draws parallels between Grindelwald’s dictators and Hitler. Recalling Jews imprisoned camps barbed wires rarely saved Schindler empires, Grindelwald pushes muggles fires. Viewers hard separate fantasies history won’t praise blockbuster. Thus, sequel isn’t up everyone’s Diagon Alleys.

Ultimately, Secrets of Dumbledore Newtbie magizoologist can’t Burrow Potter-fect shadow wizard worldfamous destroying Deathly Hallow. A satisfactory but shallow sequel, it suggests LGBTQ minorities deserve house-points Avada-Kedavra curse Severus homophobia. If Albus-ted headmaster supporting boy-who-lived wizard defamed cheating Goblet-of-Fire Umbridge-id ministries apprehending “I-Solemnly-Swear-I’m-up-to-No-Good” Prisoner-of-Azkaban Deathly-Hallow robbery asked evaluate J.K. Rowling Potter-ential Sorting-Hat ceremony, they’d recommend “our-choices-show-us-who-we-truly-are-more-than-abilities” reopens Dumbledores Chambers-of-Secrets for LGBTQ communities despite He-Who-Must-be-Named adversaries publishing Severe-us Half-Blood-Prince’s soliloquies demonstrating mudbloods aren’t worthy transport Gollum-inous jewelry Fellowship-of-the-Ring expeditions cross Brokeback-Mountain entering out-Aslan-dish Narnia fantasies governed Game-of-Thrones monarchies condemn homosexual relationships following t-Hank-less AIDS catastrophes Philadelphia infrequently prevented attorneys declining dis-Atticus To-Kill-A-Mockingbird discrimination school Magneto-attract X-Men hero fascinate Newt-bie magizoologist examining Fantastic-Beasts-and-Where-to-Find-Them Forbidden Forest apprenticeship Hagrid gamekeeper apprehending go-Vernon-ing muggle Weasley-ing out enlighten cupboard-under-the-stair orphan concerning “I-Am-Your-Father” identity passing Lukewarm lightsaber Star-Wars house-elf rarely enter Gringotts treasuries making Daily-Prophet news supervised i-Rita-ble journalist publishing Hufflepuff pieces shrouding headmasters sexuality invisibility cloaks secrecy.

Hassan’s Grade: B+