The Last Kingdom comes to an end certain to satisfy fans of both the show and the novels

by Gordon Shelly

Uhtred, son of Uhtred, continues his quest to regain his homeland of Bebbanburg in the final season of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom.

The series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s series of books, The Saxon Stories. However, the five seasons of the show, heavily condense and change portions of the 13 novels. This is greatly noticeable in this final season, but also understandable.

The fourth season was enjoyable, for the most part, but was also the weakest of the bunch so I was very curious to see where this final season would pickup and how it would take viewers on a final journey.

The journey is relatively slow going and almost disappointing for the first few episodes as Brida attempts to lead a band of Viking warriors in revolt of Uhtred, but the plot and motives feel very contrived, and Brita becomes a despicable and unlikeable character. Her journey is forced and unconvincing, initially.

With King Alfred gone, Uhtred must decide where his loyalties stand and to what extent he will support King Edward’s quest to unite England.

There are many moving and satisfying moments in this season, especially as English, Danish, and Scottish forces all converge on Bebbanburg to play out the final moves in a chess game that will decide the outcome for Uhtred.

The conclusion of the series ties up enough plot lines to satisfy fans, while also leaving plenty of strands available for any upcoming movies. Netflix has reportedly already wrapped one movie, due later this year or early next year.

Fans of the show will be satisfied with the series finale as well as the knowing that Uhtred’s story will continue.

Gordon’s Grade: B