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The INFLUX Film Awards presented by INFLUX Magazine and Entertainment News celebrates outstanding movies and screenplays.

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Season 17

Winners for Season 17 can be found here.

Season 16

Season 15

Season 14

Season 13

Season 12

Season 11

Season 10

Watch the Awards Announcement on YouTube for Season 10!

Season 9

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 9

Movie Finalists Official Selections 

Journey to Mt. Fuji
The Hunters Club

14 Days
The Eve
Dirty Beautiful

Mer Depré
Love Eterne
Ghosts of the Long Ago Drawer

Screenplay Finalists

Two of Hearts
The Fourth Night
Northern Lights
The Power of Jasmine
Luther’s Gang

2016 Awards

Best Thriller – Back Alley Bulls
Read full review and view award here.

Best Musical – Noces de Rose

Best Trailer – Northern Lights

Best Short – Electric Faces

Best Documentary – One Day with a Tattoo Artist

Best Director – Cynthia Rabinaico
Read full review and view award here.

Best Screenplay – Northern Lights, Tom Rico

Season 8

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 8

Me-Udo, Jeremy JP Fekete (Best Documentary)

Headsome, Pavel Nikolajev (Best Feature Film)

Official Selections:

Puncture, Edward Lyons

A Little Bit Country, Cat Cooper

Street Files, Christopher Richardson

Akhira: Day of Judgement, Will Myrick

Danger, Dames and Dangerous games

OC/DC, New Verb

Black and White Lines, Darren L. Downs

Jonah, Kirill Modylevskiy

Risky Business: A Look Inside America’s Adult Film Industry, David Mech

Seventeen Hours In, Ivo Raza

Black and White Lines

Rocky Mountain Experience: Bull Riding, Rick Higgins

The One Dollar Movie, Giorgio Caridi

Season 7

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 7

Audience Choice: Retrocognition, Eric Patrick

Best Feature: The Empty, Ben Struble

Web Series: Exchanging Confidences, Silvio Ncucchi

Jury Award: Retrocognition, Eric Patrick

Official Selections

Archie the Cockfighter, Jeremy Pion-Berlin

Dick Punch, David Rutta

Dissent, Giorgio Blasi

LA Aboriginal, Daniel Lir

New Eden, Brett Snelgrove

Trauma Team, Josh Roth

Haunting Love, Haoran Wang

Season 6

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 5

Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales

A Box for Rob (Best Feature Film)

Time Travelers, Episode 4

Be Forever Now


1:30 AM

DEALeR (Audience Choice)

Living with Frankenstein (Best Web Series)


The Talent

Boyz, Girz & Spakz

The Woodne Koru



Evenings with Ray

Not Suitable for Children

Proposition (Best Short Film)

Working Class Nightmare

Season 5

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 5

The Mel Klein Diaries, Best Screenplay

One Night, Best Short

Almost Invisible, Best Feature

If I had a Balloon, Best Documentary


The McSatans

The Missing Dead


Season 4

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 4

Asylum Seekers (Best Feature)

Dark Chocolate (Best Short)

Bakker’s Dozen (Best Screenplay)

Certain Adverse Events (Best Documentary)

August Sweeney: The Monster Barber of Harlem (screenplay)

Chasing Steven Spielberg (screenplay)

Quickie All Night (screenplay)

Camp Victory

Loss of Innocence (screenplay)



Finding George (screenplay)

The Last Musketeer

Season 3

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 3

Awaiting Her, Best Short

Albatrocity, Best Documentary

Tristan and Iseult, Best Screenplay

Live My Life (music video)

Good Cop, (Blank) Cop

A Native Dawn (Screenplay)

Key Bridge (Screenplay)

Ronnie Gold’s Fight Team

There are no Superheroes (screenplay)

Season 2

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 2

A Lonely Place for Dying (Best Feature)

A Girl Like You with a Boy Like Me (Best Short)

Privilege (Best Screenplay)

I Like You

Ecoplaza Paradise Oasis

Carla (Screenplay)

Exodus Fall (Honorable Mention Feature)

Season 1

The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 1

Apples and Oranges (Best Feature)

Four Cups of Joe (Best Short)

Taboo: More than Just Friends (Best Screenplay)

Guitar Lessons

Gus: An American Icon

Porch Party

Body (screenplay)

Take my Life

The Marked Man


Valley of the Spirits (screenplay)

Event History

INFLUX Magazine was founded in 1997 and has long supported and championed independent film. The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards has been an ever-evolving process.  We began as the lead partner of the SoCal Film Market which later became FlipsideTV. Ultimately, we branched off and turned to our own event, which was first called INFLUXPalooza and ultimately, now the INFLUX Magazine Film Awards. We have additionally supported, attended and participated in numerous festivals throughout our publishing history.