Decent Brit Gangster Flick

Director Sacha Bennett is no stranger to the gangster genre, with two others already released, but none as clever or well put together as Get Lucky. With a budget of $5 million Bennett has taken the script by T.J. Ramini, (who plays Lucky’s older brother Raphael), and convincingly crafts a stylish tale of revenge, murder and old fashioned gangsters, to good effect. I sat glued to the screen the entire time, as I was completely immersed in the story. It had twists aplenty, without ever becoming overly complex, or bogged down, and the pacing was another thing that was in the films favour. The fact that it’s low-budget is quite apparent, but the production values were certainly good enough. The acting was mostly good, and in some cases better than good, but no one will be receiving and nominations come award time.

Get Lucky
Sacha Bennett
Luke Treadaway, Emily Atack, Craig Fairbrass
Release Date
9 August, 2013
Influx Grade: B

Lucky is walking home when he is accosted by two thugs. He ends up being thrown into the trunk of their car, then driven to an undisclosed location. He’s blindfolded and bound to a chair, which is situated in the middle of a boxing ring. A man starts to ask him questions. but Lucky appears to recognise the voice. It’s his big brother Raphael, who is just fooling around. Lucky needs to get some cash together so Raphael tells him of a job that’s coming up, which has been in the works for a while, and because Lucky is a very talented getaway-driver he agrees to come along on the hiest. As things progress, we watch as raphael gets the needed security-door keypad number, by using a hidden camera to film his wife opening the door. She happens to work in the casino that he plans to rob.

Mr. Zigic (James Cosmo, Braveheart)is a Russian gangster who owns the casino about to be robbed. His nephew Niko, doesn’t know he owns a casino in the first place and when he is offered to go on the job, he readily agrees, unaware he’s about to mess with the family. Working for Zigic are two ruthless, very short tempered hoods, who are now after everyone involved in the heist. Niko’s mistreated wife Bridget, has started messing around with a guy she meets purely by chance, but Lucky had no idea who she was either, and now won’t let her go regardless of who she is. He only wanted to make some money, but is now involved in a revenge scheme dreamt up by his brother. With plenty of shootouts, punch-ups and tommy-guns, this is a film that anyone into the crime or gangster genre, should really love, because Get Lucky has it all, and has a good bit of film-noir going on, thanks to a great wardrobe and some cool props.

Nav Qateel