Thoroughly Enjoyable Nonsense!

I think Sharknado‘s little brother Ghost Shark was actually better in almost every way. This movie had better bad acting, better awful CG and better terrible dialogue, I mean, I could go on and on here. After watching this terrifying film, you’ll be afraid to go to the bathroom, for fear of being bitten on the backside by an ethereal, ridiculously unrealistic shark, or afraid to drink from a cooler incase you swallow the monster, and it then rips you in half from the inside out! Then, of course, is the edgy dialogue between two men, where one tells the other, “If I wanted lip from you, I’d pull down your panties!” Or even bare witness to the overuse of the word “assplant,” by our happy pool-party-goers.

Ghost Shark
Directed by
Griff Furst
Mackenzie Rosman, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, Sloane Coe
Release Date
22 August, 2013
Influx Grade: C

I did actually much prefer this to Sharknado, because while that was shoved down everyone’s throat, this little unassuming number swam up and took me by surprise. I don’t know if I was laughing at the intended humor or the unintended kind, but all that mattered was I did indeed laugh. The filmmakers must have loved the concept of having a CG ghost shark, as it meant they could use the absolute worse looking CG, and make it look good, in a fun sort of way. The acting. as previously mentioned, was indeed not good, and had a few over-the-top performances from Richard Moll (Finch) and Lucky Johnson (Mayor Glen), although Moll’s Finch was by far the best. Finch was the “your all doomed!” type of character that we all know and love in our horror movies.

It’s about a few people out hunting shark one night when one beast in particular gets killed rather inventively, by using hot chilli-sauce to blind it in one eye, then plugging it with a handgun to finish off the job. The shark limps to a nearby cave, where it dies, but suddenly there’s a light, and now the shark has become a ghost. It kills the shark-hunters with its new-found power, but it all gets filmed, as is the custom in all horrors now as one of them was filming the shark. It attacks the town, causing death and destruction (and giggles), as it can now go anywhere there happens to be water, and I do mean anywhere. The killings were nice and messy, as was all the dialogue, making this a fun movie to tune into.

Review by Ed Blackadder, Special to Influx Magazine.