The Blind Leading the Crazy

Can you imagine becoming blind later in life after tragedy strikes, and also losing your son and husband too? Imagine just that, then add to this a mental case, who wants to take your dead husband’s place. That is exactly what this TV movie is about. The nutcase in question (Jeff) is played effectively by Sam Page (Mad Men); our damsel in distress (Ali) is played by the very talented Elisabeth Röhm, who has been very busy of late, with a massive seven movies still to complete, even though we’re already half way through 2013

In The Dark
Directed by
Richard Gabai
Elisabeth Röhm, Sam Page, Shannon Elizabeth
Release Date
Grade: C+

Ali, along with her husband and child are hit by another car, but sadly she is the lone survivor. Ali is also left blind, as well as childless but it’s now six months later and she is about to leave the care of the hospital. Her doctor advises her to allow a new helper, Jeff, to assist her in getting used to blindness, and after objecting she reluctantly agrees. So Jeff starts helping her, making himself invaluable, all the while acting extremely odd. Ali meets, then befriends her new neighbor Linda (Shannon Elizabeth) but Jeff is not very happy at all. He also does some of the strangest things, like cutting out his picture and sticking them on top of photos of Ali’s husband. He also does the very much expected, panty sniffing act. A pervs got to do, what a pervs got to do.

There were quite a few things that were beyond odd. Like why would a rookie male helper be sent to assist a healthy young blind woman? That’s just one such example of things that make little sense, but there are one or two more eye rollers to keep you informed of the fact that you are watching a TV movie afterall, so it doesn’t have to be totally believable, right? Those things besides, it does actually entertain and that is the ultimate goal of any movie. It is worth a gander.

by Ed Blackadder