Nobody: Soulmates

Rating: A-

Ubiquity Records

One of the many streams transversing it’s way through the L.A. underground is still the mighty Hip-Hop scene. It should be noted that this steam doesn’t carry the capp’d tooth and Beemer crowd, instead it flows with trance like beats and soulful constituency.  The music that is formed here commands to be recognized as much as it demands to be ignored. Imagine slow grooves that carry you along those hours in your day that need to be filled with a calming rhythm.

Here you will find Nobody, aka Elvin Estela, mixing on this atmospherical release called Soulmates.  This release also features the help of fellow L.A. faces: 2 Mex, Medusa and Freestyle Fellowship.  Four years in the making, this collection of streetwise beats, samples and grooves where originally intended to be a mix tape that Nobody was going to sell out of a backpack. Fortunately he had the foresight to expand this project into a full length that now serves as an open invitation into the hip-hop underground. Drawing inspiration from Space Rock, Free Jazz and 60’s psychedelia, Nobody has created the soundtrack for a modern day hip-hop bachelor pad.