O’ Brother Where Art Thou: Soundtrack

Rating: A

Mercury Records

A film that celebrates a youthful America could only produce one of the finest collections of modern folk music today. Joel and Ethan Cohen have used music as an integral devise in previous films such as Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski. For their unique depression era retelling of the classic Greek tale, the Odyssey, they sought the help of producer/musician T Bone Burnett. Reserching the music in Tennesee they discovered a host of musicians that are still keeping this music alive. Bringing together a diverse set of styles ranging from Delta Blues, Gospel, Bluegrass, Mountain Music and beyond, this soundtrack shows that the heart of folk music is still beating. Most of this music is still obtained the old fashioned way, sold from the bandstand, mostly at bluegrass festivals and other such events. But what Ken Burns’ documentary has done for Jazz this movie may do for folk music. At least one could hope.