Tyrion and Sansa tie the knot…

This was an exceptionally well written episode with solid bits of drama throughout. Cersei and her King son are extra bad; Tyrion is extra good; Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen gets to do more, a great episode. We saw Arya Stark get captured last week by Sandor (played by fellow Glaswegian Rory McCann) but what is to be her fate now? She seems to be wandering aimlessly this season but perhaps things are about to change. Stannis Baratheon is listening to Melisandre but he seeks counsel from someone unexpected, and he also has to deal with his new visitor.

This episode is all about the wedding between Tyrion and Sansa, with the King doing all he can to be as mean as possible, but I still get surprised as to how bad he can be. Tywin Lannister has ordered Tyrion to do his duty with Sansa but will he or indeed can he? Cersei shows her nasty side on a couple of occasions with her coming a close second to her son. A very close second in my opinion but I’m not sure why she’s quite as “bitchy” (that word sort of sums it up) but I suspect it’s down to missing her brother lover, Jaime.

The Khaleesi may have met her match at last with some interesting events taking place as she attempts to increase numbers in her fast growing army. This episode finished with a strong supernatural element involving Samwell and Gilly with Sam showing he may actually have a ‘pair’, even though Gilly borrowed them for a while. This episode flew in and was over before I knew it which is a sign of how well this one was written. Very well indeed.

Score: A+

Review by Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer