It’s Certainly Fast. It’s also Furious. But Above All, It’s Fun!

They grow up so fast don’t they? Six already? Pphh. So, it’s as if Vin Diesel was born for no other reason than to play Riddick or Xander, or in this case, the much reprised role of Dominic Toretto, because when you need a bald brooding, deep person to steal and race cars then Vin is, without a doubt your guy. The baldness, the brooding, hell even the depth oozes from his pores and makes us all want to run out and shave our heads.

Dom has been behaving himself since Fast & Furious 5, where we saw Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) join the team, and he’s once again got all the usual suspects on tow. At the beginning of the F&F5 he loses Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and believes her dead, but right at the beginning of this outing he learns she’s not quite as dead as he thought, and agrees to get the team back together. It was great watching the sexy Gina Carano (Riley) in another action movie after starring in Haywire, and she doesn’t disappoint as she kicks a decent amount of ass, both male and female. Last time round, there was a particularly brilliant stunt that must have cost a substantial amount, with two gigantic, stainless steel safes being dragged along the motorway. Have they bettered the action this time round?

Apart from being more expensive, has more fights, bigger car chases (even though it’s been mostly filmed in London), larger explosions and an even more extravagant ending than the last movie it started to get overladen with the extra weight. The comedy routines between Parker (Ludacris) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) were starting to feel like exactly what they were. A way to extend the running time. There were plot holes too, with one whopper in particular but all that asides it was hugely entertaining as we’ve come to expect from this franchise. The action was spectacular with breathtaking stunts and everyone managed to get decent camera time, surprisingly enough. The ending was even bigger than the “motorway” chase in Fast & Furious 5 (in a different way) but we move to an airport this time round. All in all it was a fun movie that I’ll no doubt enjoy again, and again.

Highly Recommended

Score: B+

Nav Qateel

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