Secret Hate: Pop Cult Vomit

Cornerstone R.A.S.

Rating: C+

The latest in the category of aged and jaded punk rockers returning from the outer realm of total obscurity comes the new release from Secret Hate. In the dawn of the ‘80s this band, originally based in Long Beach, found itself at home in the Orange County punk scene. But only after releasing an E.P. entitled Vegetables Dancing in 1983, did they skip off into the vortex never to be heard from again, or so it seemed. In 1996 Sublime recorded a version of their song “The Ballad of Johnny Butt” which some how justified a renewed interest in Secret Hate. Their original E.P. was reissued by Cornerstone RAS and included live tracks. After that release had time to soak in the market it was time for the band to round up what members they could to record something new. “Pop Cult Vomit” is a jaded attack on the pop culture of today, though it also speaks of failed relationships amongst other nonsense. Often the jaded wit proved to be very funny but for the most part I find myself wishing to listen to something that didn’t make me feel old and cranky.