Sourdough Slim & Blackie Tom: Swingin’ At The Palms

Roundup Records

Rating: B

If the western music scene, a scene virtually unknown by anyone under 40, had an outlaw it would be Soughdough Slim. The geezers that still cling to traditional styles of western music, i.e. Gene Autry, Sons of the Pioneers or Marty Robbins usually have a hard time excepting this yodeling “Clown Prince of the Prairie”. So his prime instrument of choice is accordion, occasionally switching to baritone ukulele or vocal trumpet (genius), he still performs with sincerity much like a modern day Will Rogers. Slim is joined on this live recording by clarinet player Tom Blackwood. The duo perform western swing, ballads, polkas and ragtime with a settling grace that makes you feel like you’re seated around a campfire, out on the prairie with your fellow cowboys surrounded by a Yiddish Wedding party and a Hawaiian Luau.