Could have been much better

Slightly Single in L.A. had the potential to be much better if not for the writing, because while it was a fairly interesting concept, if overdone, it just never really took off. If you watch the trailer on the right of this review, then it looks like a good, edgy comedy, but it comes off as contrived as the characters. There were a few funny bits here and there but a good cast and good filmmaking technique does not a good film make. The writing is the most important thing of all, and sadly was just not up to scratch. Again, technically it was fine, but didn’t show any flare or originality, which is a shame really because everything else was good. I enjoyed most of the performances, the production looked good and director Christie Will had cinematographer Matt Steinauer keep his shots interesting enough but I began to get restless by 35 minutes into the film. It got a bit better in the final half of the last act, but the payoff was too little too late for my tastes.

Slightly Single in L.A.
Written and Directed by
Christie Will
Lacey Chabert, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Kip Pardue
Release Date
3 September, 2013
Influx Grade: C

Even so, this will find an audience among Angelenos, actors and the fairer sex but men will not appreciate this one at all. This is the quintessential chick flick if ever I saw one, and trust me, I have. The casting wasn’t bad, and I really liked Lacey Chabert (Sanitarium) playing the lead character Dale, because her performance was about the only thing that kept me watching till the end, and then of course was watching Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who played one of Dale’s closest friends Hallie. She becomes part of the complicated love triangle, thanks to getting the go-ahead from Dale to pursue her old flame Zach (Kip Pardue, Phantom), and by the time she figures out she wants him it might be too late. Dale’s friend Seven (Jonathan Bennett, Pawn) is always there to listen to her and offer advice, and it’s actually he who tells her to go for it with Zach, but this is after Zach hooks up with Hallie. Does she get her guy in the end? You’ll just have to watch and find out.

Review by E Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine.

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