Clay is in Prison, framed for the murder of Damon Pope. Tara is also in jail, accessory to the murder of the sister of a vengeful former US Marshall. That Marshall, Lee Toric, tortures Otto (Kurt Sutter himself) relentlessly and in ways that Make the Ned Beatty rape scene in Deliverance look pleasurable. And, he moves in attempt to get Clay to turn on the club.

August Marks has taken over the empire of Damon Pope and is still set on bloody revenge against the club. He wants both Clay and Tig dead. Jax seems willing to make a deal in effort to keep the club alive. And, there’s a new enemy on the horizon in the form of torture-porn producers, albeit likely to be a short-lived battle.

Bobby has separated from the MC and taking up shop with another branch of the Sons. And, of course, the law is always in pursuit.

To say the least, the Sons of Anarchy are on the brink of destruction.

However, it won’t fully collapse this season. The early word last year was that Season 6 would mark the finale of SOA; however, it appears that Season 7 still looms on the horizon.

Season 6 does appear to be setting up the endgame for the club and for the show. Neither one can last much longer. It’s just not possible for creator Kurt Sutter or the Sons to maneuver this way for an extended time. Sutter seems to be setting up the inevitable end for this crew. The characters are worn and tired, trying to make things right, but also waiting for the end.

Nero (Jimmy Smits) has taken on a larger role, working directly with the club and embracing his bad side. Smits is a perfect fit for the role and shines (once again) here. Peter Weller also joins the cast (having directed multiple episodes) as Charlies Barosky, a corrupt police detective who works with the Sons but the relationship seems tentative at best.

Old relationships are cultivated and new relationships are formed Jax Teller seems to be leading his club down the road to hell, good intentions or not.

The end of this episode is no less shocking than Opie’s death last season, and it seems certain to pave the way down the inevitable path to doom. It plays up the recent shock and horror of incidents such as the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting.

The final segment of this episode is powerful bringing out the darkness in even the best characters, showing that nobody linked to this MC is headed toward salvation.

Click here for Episode Spoilers [EXPAND SPOILERS] Lee Toric arranges for Otto to experience daily prison rapes until he turns on the club or dies, but as SOA would have it, Toric is also an addict (we’ll see where that leads). Tig has one of the more interesting kill scenes to-date. He drowns one of the porn producers in a bathtub full of urine and vinegar the urinates on him after. And, then there’s the school shooting. A child walks into a classroom and shots are fired. That final outcome, while violent, is unclear. The kid appears to be the son or step-son of Arcadio (Dave Navarro’s character). [/EXPAND]

Episode Grade: A

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Article by Gordon Shelly.