Season 2 Rundown and Review

The showdown between Clay and Jax begins to take shape in Season 2. Some club members, such as Piney and Opie, look to Jax to bring in an era of change. While others like Juice and Tig remain loyal to Clay.

New adversaries are introduced as Ethan Zobelle (Alan Arkin) and A.J. Weston (Henry Rollins) setup shop in Charming. Zobelle and Weston are members of The League, a group of white supremacists who aim to tell the Sons how things are going to be from now on in Charming.

Deputy Chief Hale actually finds himself working in unison with the Sons toward the mutual effort of ridding Charming of The League. There are consequences to challenging The League. These consequences are nothing short of rape and murder.

The club also gets into the adult entertainment world and looks to reignite their gun running business. Agent Stahl continues to push the club and the IRA comes back into the picture. The season concludes with a cliffhanger that carries over into the next season.

Season 2 is heavy on the melodrama, but is very satisfying for the most part. Henry Rollins and Alan Arkin play up their roles nicely. But the real prize here is the character arc of Agent Stahl. In the first season, she started as someone willing to work the law to the brink to bring down the bad guys, but in Season 2 she becomes more than an adversary to the club, but to the law too. She crosses over and becomes one of the bad guys.

The conclusion of Season 2 ties up minor details but leaves much bigger problems that need resolving, only making Season 3 all that much better. Season 2 is a solid entry into the SoA catalog, but it feel an awful lot like filler making way for the pure excellence of Season 3.

Click here for Season 2[EXPAND Spoilers]Gemma is raped by AJ Weston and other members of the League. this leads to Jax killing Weston, only Zobelle gets away, but with a high price tag. Agent Stahl, in her pursuit of the IRA, finds herself in the midst of a shootout leaving an IRA informant (Eddie) dead. Gemma comes onto the scene and kills Eddiels lover, who is also Zobelle’s daughter. Stahl frames Gemma for both killings. Gemma then becomes a fuguitive. Eddie’s father kills a club prospect (Half Sack) and kidnaps Jax’s son, Abel.[/EXPAND]

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Article by Gordon Shelly.