The Bubble is a tale of self-indulgent, rich, Hollywood superstars, trying to make a mediocre action movie in a pandemic protected bubble

by Gordon Shelly

The Bubble is doing its best Galaxy Quest impersonation, mocking the self-importance fame seems to bring as well as crappy Hollywood blockbusters that people seem to eat up in droves. However, I’m not sure filmmaker Judd Apatow fully realizes his goal.

It appears Apatow’s aim is to mock the people and process of Hollywood similar to the way Galaxy Quest did decades ago. However, Galaxy Quest and its characters have an endearing and loveable quality. Whereas the characters and situations of The Bubble also attempt to turn the mirror on the process, but do not achieve the same success.

Galaxy Quest shares the journey and the joke with viewers, making them part of the process. The Bubble feels more like a $50 million dollar inside joke, that Apatow seems to think everyone watching is in on.

Most of the introspective jokes fall flat, whereas moments of vulgarity and silliness, shine with comedic delivery and timing.

Even with that being said, it seems unlikely most viewers will appreciate the attempt at satire and self-reflection as the characters and storyline simply prove to be little more than what they are mocking.

Gordon’s Grade: C+