Poor Anne Neville

This episode was one of the better ones, as the story had a good mix drama, intrigue and murder, with King Edward’s brother George, losing it completely. I realise that this is only a TV show, but when you are King, and your brother is running around, plotting all sorts of mayhem, then sewing the seeds of doubt and discourse, you’d have to be utterly blind, and a bit dim not to notice. This has gone on from the beginning, and admittedly more so in this episode, but even allowing for Edward being bored, and spending more time eating and having sex, he should still have known.

King Edward is now rather rotund, and having sex constantly, as he’s getting used to the good life, even Richard (Aneurin Barnard) makes comment, saying “if our father could only see us now,” he too doesn’t like the way things are going. A hugely jealous George, starts to talk about invading France, to take back lands and honer, but it’s basically a way for George to win the French crown, as he’ll be left to run the country.

Queen Elizabeth, is struggling once again with another baby about to be born, but she angrily sends Lady Margaret out of the room. Margaret is suddenly called back after the baby gets stuck, and upon arrival is handed a lifeless baby. After a dramatic pause, the baby comes to life, and now Margaret has won favour with her secret enemy, Elizabeth. Richard has just brought home a surprise guest, the Countess, mother of Anne Neville. George was planning to take the countess from her sanctuary, and by doing so, taking her land and wealth. Richard claims to be doing this for the right reasons, but the Countess tries to persuade Anne it is purely for gain. Anne is still very angry about being left on a battlefield by her mother, so won’t listen or heed her warning.

Lady Margaret (Amanda Hale) has been spying for the Queen, and passes on information to her, after overhearing Isabell and Anne talk of witchcraft. Brother Richard is angry at Edward for accepting money and land from King Louis of France, but George is beside himself with rage. He starts to campaign against the Queen, accusing her of witchcraft to all who’ll listen. He has also struck some sort of deal with King Louis, but his biggest crime (oddly enough) is hiring a sorcerer, in an attempt to counter any curses, but in reality, he’s the one doing most of the cursing now. He has trinkets made to counter any curses put on him, but they don’t work all that well, as he’s eventually charged, then tried for high treason. Richard is acting off in this one, and Anne doesn’t know if he’s still in love with her. The trial of George, and someones death, are the highlights of this episode, but it was also very entertaining. This was one of the better ones.

Grade: B+

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine

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