Sookie on heat again?

Another good episode but far from the best, which would have been a lot to expect from this season of True Blood (or any season since 1 and 2). Don’t get me wrong, this is miles ahead of seasons 4 or 5, but I would like to see a certain amount of consistency. The way season 6 was promoted, I did expect more, and imagined the end and complete annihilation of Vampire-kind, be played on a larger, international stage, but it appears to be treated as a small matter, without us ever feeling the sheer magnitude of the event. But, even so, I’m still happy with what we’ve got, and am admittedly addicted to the show. Faults, fangs and all.

We last saw Nora being poisoned by one of the scientists, with a new disease they developed, called Hepatitis ‘V’ or Hep-V. Eric and Willa get a dying Nora out of the room, but Eric orders Willa to go and warn their friends of the contaminated True Blood, as each of the bottles have been laced with Hep-V. Eric escapes the prison, by going under a True Blood delivery truck, all the while carrying an unconscious Nora. He takes her directly to Bill. A reluctant Eric asks Bill to help heal Nora, and after some other events take place, he gives her his blood, but warns it may not work. Eric has also promised to help Bill free their friends, who are awaiting death at the Vamp-Camp.

Sara arrives back at the camp, to find the governors head detached from his body. She calls up a senator, and strikes a deal with him, allowing her to take the governors place. Sookie and Warlow have just had sex, where blood was exchanged, and now they lay there talking. In the background, Sookie can hear a grieving Arline sobbing at Terry’s grave, so she leaves Warlow to go help her. Sam eventually learns of Terry’s death, so he must head back to Bon Temps, even though an angry Alcide warned him to stay away for good. Jason gets a chance to talk to Jessica, telling her he’s there to help. She still feels she is being rightfully punished for killing the little faerie girls, and tells Jason he doesn’t need to rescue her, to which he asks, “you don’t have Stockholders Syndrome, do you?” Jess asks him to bring the Vampire who refused to rape her earlier, so he does just that. Guess what Jessica wants him to do to her?

Just before Terry was shot last episode (6), he gave Lafayette a safety deposit-box key. Lafayette and Sookie go to the bank, where they discover an insurance policy, made up just four days before his death. This of course means that Terry knew he was about to die. Alcide appears to be softening towards dad, but by the end of this episode, we find out it might have been for nothing. Bill goes out in daylight, to Arline’s house, where he offers his condolences to a stunned looking group. He then asks Sookie to set aside past feelings to help their friends, as they are in great danger. Jason is soon to find out he won’t be able to help Jess for much longer, and Alcide is now in real danger from his pack.

Definitely a good episode, with all the right ingredients, but I’m just not feeling the scale of the possible Vampire destruction. Perhaps they want to keep it small scale, and everything a bit closer to home, as they didn’t fare too well in the past, when taking the show outside Bon Temps.

Grade: B+

Review by E. Blackadder, special to Influx Magazine