Exigent Circumstances

Big Jim Rennie has almost dropped the pretense of being mister nice guy to anyone remotely a threat to his leadership over Chester’s Mill, or anyone who can tell the others the truth about who really killed all the people he accused Barbie of murdering. Poor Dodee Weaver just so happens to hear something that clearly points to Big Jim and now that he’s been made aware of the mini-dome egg, he’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on it. Junior Rennie saw an image of his dad standing in front of him riddled with bullet-holes, and he ran off to warn him. Jim has blamed everything on Barbie and almost everyone believes him but the ones that don’t are in danger of becoming another of Big Jim’s victims. This episode was actually quite good but I’d hoped for a bit better as we only have one more to go until the season ends, and the fact that the makers of Under the Dome planned it originally as a one-off (thanks to it being a single Stephen King novel) TV event, you’d expect a bit more fireworks in the final few episodes.

Because Jim Rennie needs the whole town believing that Barbie is the killer, he plans to make sure Julia never gets to tell anyone what really happened when she was almost killed by a gun toting Max. He claimed to witness the whole thing and Jim is power hungry. Now he thinks he understands just what the egg might be capable of, and he doesn’t want his little dictatorship to end, he’ll do absolutely anything to get a hold of it first. The army want to get the egg and also need Barbie to do something with the strange object, but Jim has everyone looking for Barbie, all wanting his blood.

Jim has called a meeting and all the townsfolk turn up. He is easily talked into doing a house-to-house search of the entire town, and after giving a rousing speech, they all set off to begin the hunt. Dodee has remembered how she got knocked out after hearing the soldiers talk about the egg and Barbie, because she took a picture of it before she touched it and got knocked unconscious. She tells Big Jim about her discovery and where she saw the egg, but Jim hears his own name being mentioned and the fact that they’ve been watching everything Jim’s done from outside the Dome, he now has the problem of Dodee being yet another witness to be taken care of.

Julia is in danger from Jim but standing guard next to her hospital bed is Junior, who has been instructed to call his father if she wakes up. Barbie and Angie attempt to get Julia out of there, and when they finally get her in an ambulance, Barbie tells Angie to drive away, leaving himself to be captured by Linda. Norrie and Joe hide the egg at Ben’s house, because his place has already been searched but the mini-dome starts to make an unbearable noise. Big Jim has locked up Norrie, Joe and Barbie and wants Barbie to make a public confession to everything Jim himself has done. Julia has woken up and tells Angie the truth but it looks as though it might be too late to save Barbie.

Grade: B+

Nav Qateel.