Purely SyFi, Lacking Sci-Fi!

I have seen some movies where you need to have an open mind, and also ignore certain elements of a story if it stretches truths or the imagination, indeed, I thrive on sci-fi in it’s many guises. Then this rather long and cumbersome TV affair comes along, dragging poor old Einstein by the hair, and kicking his theories to death with gigantic boots. I don’t know how this script got green lit by Muse, but it appears to have been dreamt up by a rather small child, with a vivid imagination and ten whole minutes to spare, and decided to knock this vacuous story out. Strict science logicians beware!

There is a machine that can hit the Sun with some sort of beam (sadly, I phased out a few times forgetting smaller details) which encourage solar-flares to act up, thereby powering an orbital satellite, which then redirects the beam to zap Earth, and stop global warming. The big bad Military come along, and wants it used as a WMD (I bet you never saw that coming!) but as it’s being tested, it all goes awry, and Earth’s inhabitants are now doomed.

That in itself is utterly ridiculous in every single way. Light takes approximately eight minutes and change to get from the Sun, all the way to Earth, but this lot can do that, and a whole lot more in a couple of seconds. I’m not going to bore you with any more details, but this film was reasonably well acted, the production wasn’t the best I’ve seen but still, not too bad. But to stretch this total nonsense over three hours was just taking it too far, and the worst of it is, I had to watch it for reviewing. Not one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies ever made, but if you don’t mind sloppy science, and have a penchant for two part TV movies, then you might just enjoy it. Sadly, I prefer a semblance of research being done before I can swallow this type of story. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t pass the time, which it did, but I could’ve been watching something better.

Not one for Sci-Fi Purists

Score: C

Ed Blackadder