Ultra-Low Budget Indie Comedy/Horror!

This is being touted as a straight Horror but the first five minutes or so are comical, and after that, it’s very like the start of the excellent Spring Breakers, with all the bare breasts and girl girl kissing you could want. Looking good so far guys. The men responsible for this Horror flick, are two writer/directors, who have already worked together on Mirror Image (2012), Chris W. Freeman and Justin Jones. I have only seen this film by them, and found it to be very patchy and somewhat disjointed. I’m not sure if it’s the writing itself or perhaps there are too many cooks, but the movie didn’t flow as well as it could have.

The cast is very interesting as we have Mr Ron Jeremy, who has perhaps one of thee highest amount of film credits, with a staggering 1325 (most are adult flicks), and when you consider your average actor will have approximately fifty, it’s quite a feat. We also have Kevin Sorbo who isn’t in it for long very, but long enough I suppose. He is the biggest name in this movie so that should give you an idea of the production costs.

The bottom line is, patchy direction, the writing just wasn’t happening, decent cast, unlikeable characters, the production wasn’t the greatest but it’s still an acceptable Indie put together on an extremely low budget.

Not for everyone

Grade: C

by Ed Blackadder